You can make a difference 2014 Christmas eBook

Christmas, it’s the most Wonderful Time of the year! Christmas comes early this year at Symphony of Love. Actually I am late already; a Filipino friend whatsapped me a Christmas picture message on the morning of 1st December.

I replied saying ‘Early?’

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Helping the Homeless

Couldn’t have said it better than Harper Lee! Who are we to judge another? Like Lee said, ” … until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” And when we do, I believe we wouldn’t be passing any judgement on the person. Something which I read somewhere before, “Walk a mile in my shoes. See what I see. Hear what I hear. Feel what I feel. Then, maybe you’ll understand why I do what I do. Till then, don’t judge me.”

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Paying It Forward at Symphony of Love

Have you watched the movie ‘Pay It Forward?’ In 2000, Catherine Ryan Hyde’s novel ‘Pay It Forward’ was published and adapted into the Warner Brothers film ‘Pay It Forward.’ Is…

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