The Women On My Journey by Rev. Melissa M. Bowers

The Women On My Journey by Rev. Melissa M. Bowers

The Women On My Journey by Rev. Melissa M. Bowers, Photo credit: engin akyurt

The Women On My Journey by Rev. Melissa M. Bowers, Photo credit: engin akyurt

The Women On My Journey is a beautiful and awesome poem which I came across today in Facebook; this poem certainly reminds me of the unconditional love and sacrifices a mother makes for her children from the day the baby was conceived in the womb till childbirth; a long approximately 40 weeks and which must be the longest race any human-being has ever run. No men can ever hope to understand intimately and physically the changes women have to go through during this period. Yet a lot of women also said that pregnancy was also one of the most beautiful experiences they experienced in their lives. I would like to dedicate this poem to all the mothers in the world.

The Women On My Journey
Rev. Melissa M. Bowers

To the women on my journey
Who showed me the ways to go and ways not to go,
Whose strength and compassion held up a torch of light
and beckoned me to follow,
Whose weakness and ignorance darkened the path and encouraged me
to turn another way.

To the women on my journey
Who showed me how to love and how not to live,
Whose grace, success and gratitude lifted me into the fullness
of surrender to God,
Whose bitterness, envy and wasted gifts warned me away
from the emptiness of self-will

To the women on my journey
Who showed me what I am and what I am not,
Whose love, encouragement and confidence held me tenderly
and nudged me gently,
Whose judgement, disappointment and lack of faith called me
to deeper levels of commitment and resolve.

To the women on my journey who taught me love
by means of both darkness and light.

To these women I say bless you and thank you from the
depths of my heart,
for I have been healed and set free
through your joy and through your sacrifice.
Picture from Serendipitous Soul Sister

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11 thoughts on “The Women On My Journey by Rev. Melissa M. Bowers

  1. lonelyme

    It’s early if said to talk about “Mother’ Day” but then on 8th March, as it is IWD International Women’s Day. It’s coincidental.
    But then, mother is just not remembered on Mother’s Day.
    Yes, it is definitely that no men can do what women can. They are meant two different bodies created by God!
    To bring a child to this earthly world takes a mother to look for full 40 weeks and if less the least must be at least 35 or 36 weeks for a good survival. But then, many mothers will go for delivery with one leg stepping into the coffin while the other leg is with her life. No soul will understand it and only the daughther will understand a mother not even a son!
    (Well, hope that I can blog about my own mother very soon. See you in this blogsphere. )

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Lonely Me, no doubt that this is a little early to talk about “Mother’s Day” and yet as you said it, mother is to be remembered and honoured not for just one day but everyday with all of love and heart.

      I certainly agree with you that no men can do what women do of pregnancy at least not now; who knows someday science may come up with that experience for men who are brave enough to want to experience it. Thus, I salute women for taking up this God given responsibility which no other men can.

      I certainly love to see you blogging about your own mother; just do it as what Nike said!

  2. lonelyme

    It gave me much emotional effects when every one and every where is talking about “Mothers”. Reading such topic late into the night and early in the dawn. When “Mother” love is unconditional, nobody except her! (It gave me much tears…… )

    (sorry for double posting, as I’ve finished typing, could be I touched certain key bar n it went off to post. tkz )

  3. lonelyme

    “Science may up with that experiment for men to experience pregnancy and birth.” I doubt it! Where is the womb to be implanted in the men then? May be I am truly a conservative who likened to put me in this blogsphere but I shall say this is totally against God’s will. Can a man behave as lovingly as a woman towards a child? With hormones, ostrogen? hmmh..if that really happens and comes that day, all the generations of ours are like “aliens”.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Lonely Me, I certainly believe that a man can be as lovingly as a woman towards a child; in fact I have come across men who are taking even better care of their children than their wives to. With love, anything is possible; I can attest to the great love which many mothers have for their children and yet we cannot deny the love that fathers have for their children too. You can take a look at this post:

  4. Hilary

    Hi BK .. great timing – International Women’s Day .. and women in general are so important – if only we could accept every human has so much value, and we all have lessons to learn …

    Thanks for posting the poem – it’s a wonderful read .. Hilary

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Hilary, I agree with you on the timing. It was a night before International Women’s Day when I came across the poem and instantly I knew this is something which I have to share. It is great to see you here again. Wishing you a great day!