8 Fruits that may Help Us to Lose Weight

8 Fruits that may Help Us to Lose Weight

8 Fruits that Help Us to Lose Weight Unknowingly

Check out these 8 fruits that may help us to lose weight!

Want to throw off a few kilos? These are 8 fruits that may help us to lose weight unknowingly and the good news is, most of them are readily available in our local markets and supermarkets!

1. Apple


At the top of the list is apple. How often have we heard, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Not only is apple beneficial to our health, it may also help us to lose weight. A medium sized (200g) apple is just 104 calories but it is particularly filling due to its high fiber and water content.

In additional, several studies show that high fiber intake is linked to lower body weight and a significantly reduced risk of obesity (S1, S2).

2. Avocado

Avocado, 8 Fruits that can help us to lose weight

Next on the list is Avocado, the controversial fruit due to its high fat content. Thus, too much of it might lead to unintended weight gain. As with most, if not all food, moderation is key.

On the other hand, Avocados are high in fiber, containing approximately 6–7g per half fruit. For people aiming to lose weight, a high dietary fiber diet can help in weight management by helping us to feel fuller for longer and to feel more satisfied after eating.

In a 2019 study, researchers found that dietary fiber intake promotes weight loss and dietary adherence in adults with overweight or obesity consuming a calorie-restricted diet. Eaten in reasonable amounts, avocados are a health-promoting addition to a weight-loss–friendly diet. Read more on Avocado.

3. Banana

Banana, 8 Fruits that can Help Weight Loss

Although banana does not directly help us to lose weight, it does has properties that can help us to manage our body weight. Similarly to apple and avocado, banana is a good source to dietary fiber. Study shows that there is a link between higher fiber intakes and lower body weights.

A diet high in dietary fiber can help people feel full for longer and this can further reduce the total number of calories that we eat.

Furthermore, unripe bananas contain resistant starch, which acts similarly to dietary fiber and can help make people feel fuller for longer periods.

For people who have concerned about the sugar content of ripe banana, eating a less ripe or smaller banana can lower the sugar intake.

4. Berries

Berries, 8 Fruits that can Help Weight Loss

The natural sweetness of most fruits may help us to satisfy our sugar cravings. However, some fruits may be better for weight loss than others. Berries are one great option, as they have a high water content and are typically high in fiber. These two properties in berries give us a sense of fullness.

In additional, berries are also low in calories, making them a diet-friendly choice. In 1 cup (150g), raspberries have 78 calories, blackberries have 64.5 calories, blueberries have 85.5 calories, and strawberries have 48 calories, per the USDA.

5. Kiwifruit


Kiwi is a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants, making it a healthful snack. It also has high water content, is low in calories, and has a good amount of fiber. These properties promote weight loss by increasing the feeling of fullness. Kiwi is also a good alternative to satisfy our sugar cravings if we do not want to load up on junk foods like ice cream, or cake.

6. Orange

Orange, 8 Fruits that may Help in Weight management

As with most of the other fruits in this list, orange is packed with many benefits for our health. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and high in fiber, while naturally low in calories. This makes eating an orange a filling food choice, leaving us feeling fuller for longer. The natural sugar found in orange can also satisfy a sweet tooth, preventing us from snacking on foods with refined sugar that can contribute to weight gain.

7. Papaya

Papaya, Fruits that can help us in losing weight

Papaya itself does not contribute directly to weight loss. However, like other fruits in this list, it is a good source of fiber and low in calories. In these ways, papaya is not only physically satisfying, it also help us stay full longer, and as a result, we may end up consuming fewer calories throughout the day.

While papaya contains an unique enzyme called papain which may improve our digestion, there is no convincing evidence yet that the enzyme promotes weight loss or fat burning.

8. Watermelon


As its name suggests, watermelon is over 90 percent water, which makes it a good fruit for weight control as it will keep you hydrated and feeling fuller for a longer period of time. In additional, as it is primarily made of water, watermelon has a low-calorie density so we can eat a lot of it without loading up on calories.

Furthermore, watermelon contains natural sugars, which can satisfy our sugar cravings with lower calories compare to traditional desserts. However, despite its sweetness, watermelon is lower in sugar than many other types of fruit. This may make it a better option for those watching their blood sugar.


While these 8 fruits which are low in calories yet rich in fiber, which may help us to lose weight, it is important to note the golden rule, “Everything in moderation.” Do also consult your family doctor or a dietician before embarking on any diet plan.

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