Lose All the Cryptos in Your MetaMask Wallet to Crypto Scams

Lose All the Cryptos in Your MetaMask Wallet to Crypto Scams

Lose all the Cryptos in Your MetaMask Wallet to crypto scams like this

Crypto Scams on MetaMask Wallet

You can lose all the crypto assets in your MetaMask Wallet to crypto scams like this

As cryptos gain traction in adoptions, crypto scams are on the rise. You can lose all the assets in your MetaMask wallet to scams like this.

There have always been scams ever since the first one I covered back in May 2008; they just evolved and changed, and have become ever more common nowadays with widespread information. Fortunately, with the advent of widespread information and intervention from authorities, people are also becoming better informed. Yet, there are still people falling to different kind of scams.

This was an email I received when I checked my email this morning. And one of the surest ways to lose all the crypto assets in your MetaMask wallet is to click the “Claim Airdrop” button.

I have been receiving emails on MetaMask Wallet for a few months. When I received the first email on MetaMask Airdrop, I did not dismiss it immediately. I did two simple checks to verify if the email I had received was legit and not one of those crypto scams.

The first verification I did is to check if the email was sent from an official MetaMask’s email address. Then, I checked the official X (formerly Twitter) of MetaMask if there was any official announcement on MetaMask airdrop. Sure enough, there was no announcement on it. Thus, I could definitely dismiss the email as a crypto scam.

Intuitively, most would be able to dismiss email like this as one of those crypto scams when they received it, especially when it asked you to connect to your wallet. However, with the two simple checks above, you can be sure to spot crypto scams.

Other scams related to crypto

Just this morning, too, I received two other suspicious emails; one on Trust Wallet and one on Trust App. The one on Trust App stated that my account KYC was not verified and the one on Trust Wallet was a notification on my account suspension. Both requested that I verified my wallet by clicking on the buttons in the email.

One of the other common crypto scams circulating online right now is on X’s airdrop. Do be extra careful and note that there is currently no airdrop of X’s token, and Elon Musk has not made any announcement on any airdrop also.


As cryptos gain mainstream adoption, scams related to crypto will only become more common and more creative. However, one of the rules to prevent falling to these scams is always to check the varies official social media channels to see if there is any official announcement. With this simple check, most would be able to mitigate the of losing your assets. Stay safe and stay informed.

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