Paying It Forward at Symphony of Love

Paying It Forward at Symphony of Love

Symphony of LoveHave you watched the movie ‘Pay It Forward?’ In 2000, Catherine Ryan Hyde’s novel ‘Pay It Forward’ was published and adapted into the Warner Brothers film ‘Pay It Forward.’

Is it possible for one idea to change the world? I believe it can. In the movie ‘Pay It Forward,’ an 11-year-old schoolboy in Las Vegas, Nevada is given a class project to complete by his social studies teacher. His task is to come up with a plan that will change the world through direct action. Trevor then comes up with the plan to “pay it forward” by doing a good deed for three people who must in turn each do good deeds for three other people.

This concept, in fact, is not new; according to Wikipedia, the concept was described by Benjamin Franklin, in a letter to Benjamin Webb dated April 22, 1784. The term “pay it forward” was coined, or at least popularized, by Robert A. Heinlein in his book Between Planets, published in 1951.

In 2006, I created an eBook Symphony of Love, which is a pictorial eBook of love quotations. I have compiled 365 love quotations into this eBook and every love quotation comes with a picture of flower.

From the birth of the eBook comes the website Symphony of Love, which is created with the initial motive to share with people the wisdom in love quotations. The website later expands to share with people other areas in love through stories and articles, which I received in my past email. Symphony of Love further evolves and aims to share with people reflections in life. I hope that readers can find love and inspiration through Symphony of Love.

Today, I would like to bring forward the concept of ‘paying it forward’ in Symphony of Love. I have been selling the Symphony of Love, Pictorial eBook of Love Quotations for $6.95 almost ever since it was created. However, starting today, I would be giving it away for free. The only thing that you need to do to download a free copy of it is to ‘Pay It Forward.’

No, I do not mean forwarding the copy that you downloaded to your family and friends. Like the concept, after you downloaded a copy of Symphony of Love, you must “pay it forward” by doing a good deed for three people; what you are gonna do, is entirely up to you. Simple enough? You can have a preview of the eBook below:

Download Your Copy of Symphony of Love

If you like, you can post the same slide show and a link to this post.

Last but not least. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let us always remember the spirit of loving, giving and sharing.

Thank you Janet from Dolly’s Daily Dairy once again for giving me another two awards; the Butterfly award and the Blog Love Award.

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36 thoughts on “Paying It Forward at Symphony of Love

  1. Cricket

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Now I am wishing you a Happy New Year.

    This is so kind of you to give this book away for free. All the hard work you have put into this. I can tell you it is great. I have enjoyed every picture and every word.

    Crickets last blog post..The world is yours to borrow…

  2. Mamaflo

    I believe it’s absolutely possible to change the world with a “pay it forward” attitude. My belief is that most people dismiss this as possible/probable because it’s such a simple concept. The world was not created to be complicated, it’s people that have made it that way – we need to return to more simple lifestyles and thought patterns.

  3. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Sheila, thank you for your well wishes. I think you have a great idea too with the postcards.

    @ Mamaflo, indeed it is absolutely possible to change the world with a “pay it forward” attitude. I have always thought too that the world is not made complicated, it is the people that has made it that way. It would be great if we can return to basic and treat each other with respect and loving kindness.

  4. warren noenkz

    good idea…I wanna get one copy of it. Is really free?What about your opinion about the facts that recently many people loss their love…and they looking for it in anywhere and anything….get my point?

  5. Sherxr

    Have a good year my friend.
    May everything that didn’t work out for you this year be right there within your reach in 2009.

    Be happy, stay healthy always!

  6. iWalk

    According to chinese tradition, 2009 is OX(牛)year, OX means growing, Yeah, A growing year!

    So Happy 牛 Year to you!

    ╭┴──┤Happy ├╮
    │o o│牛year │●°
    ╰┬──╯    │ ∴°﹒
    ☆ | / /∴☆

  7. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ iwalk, thank you for the wishes. Happy 牛 year! 🙂

    @ Cricket. Happy New Year! 😀

    @ Leet, thank you. Wishing you great health, happiness, love and wealth.

    @ Kelly, glad that you like it. I love the concept too; if everyone can do something like this, I believe it’ll be a very different 2009. 🙂

  8. Sara Amr

    thanks for that,
    and wish that the “pay it forward” idea would spread around the world, in order for it to be a better place for all of us. may it be a better year.

  9. Matt

    I loved that movie, and I think you’ve got a great idea here. You seem like a very kind and thoughtful person, from reading the different posts on your blog.