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You can make a difference 2014 Christmas eBook

Christmas, it’s the most Wonderful Time of the year! Christmas comes early this year at Symphony of Love. Actually I am late already; a Filipino friend whatsapped me a Christmas picture message on the morning of 1st December.

I replied saying ‘Early?’

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The True Measure of Greatness by Randall S. Weeks

A young student once asked his old teacher, “Teacher, what is the true measure of greatness?” The teacher looked far away into the mountains and gave the following reply:

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“Problem Child” has innate hidden talent

This boy was previously thought to be a “problem child” in an elementary school. Fortunately, his teacher didn’t give up on him and ‘gave’ him a little more time instead. And sure enough, he certainly impressed his teacher with his innate hidden talent in drawing and loved of marine lives.

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