God gave me a mission: To take a snail out for a walk

God gave me a mission: To take a snail out for a walk


God gave me a mission

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

Lao Tzu

An enlightening article ‘To take a snail out for a walk,’ written by Zhang Wen Liang from Taiwan, which I would like to share with you. If you are always getting mad with your children, hopefully this would be a good read for you and perhaps you too might want to take a ‘snail’ out for a walk too.

To take a snail out for a walk‘ by Zhang Wen Liang, Taiwan

God gave me a mission, to take a snail out for a walk.

I couldn’t walk too fast. The snail was already doing its best and yet why had it made only a little progress? I urged it, fooled it and blamed it. The snail looked apologetically at me, as if telling me, “I have already done my best!”

I pulled it, I tugged it and even thought of kicking it. The snail was hurt, it was sweating and it was breathless … moving forward.

How strange … Why would God ask me to take a snail out for a walk?

“God! Why?”


“Sigh! Perhaps God has gone catching snails!”

Alright then! Let go! God doesn’t bother. Why should I even bother?

I sulked while letting the snail crawled in front me.

Huh? I smelled the fragrance of flowers … oh there’s a garden on this side. I felt the breeze; I wasn’t aware that the night breezes were so gentle. I heard the chirping of birds and insects. I saw a a sky full of stars; it was so beautiful!

Huh? Why didn’t I have such delicate experience before?

Suddenly I remembered. Perhaps I was wrong? God wanted the snail to take me out for a walk.

Moral of the story: Upbringing children is similar to walking a snail. There would be times, while walking through their childhood and youth with them, when we would seem to lose our mind and patience; and yet they unwittingly showed us the most beautiful side of life where it all began. Children have straightforward vision and unique perspective. Parents, why not slow down, put aside your subjective point of views and savour the flavours of life with your children. Listen to the echoes of your children inner voices in this secular world and give yourself a little time away from the endless routine in life.

Children remind us to be patience, to slow down, to experience life and to live in the now. What is/are your take back from this story?

Photo credit: Eli Duke
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