Earth Hour 2009 Signifies a New Start

Earth Hour 2009 Signifies a New Start

Earth Hour 2009Earth Hour 2009 was a resounding success. According to, “… over 4,000 cities and towns in 88 countries, hundreds of millions of people have “voted earth” in the world’s largest demonstration of public concern about climate change.

I had not switched off all the lights in my house last night. However, that didn’t mean I voted for global warming; especially not after seeing some of the natural calamities that had happened in the World for the past years. Some would say that not all of these natural calamities were the direct results of Global Warming. I believe that Global Warming or climate change had indirectly caused these natural calamities over the past years.

Many lives were killed and people lost their families. Not only that, a good numbers were also displaced from their homes.

I have also observed how the climate has changed greatly all over the World; with winters colder than usual in some places and summer hotter than usual in other places. Not to mention the flooding in some areas and the terrible droughts in other areas. I understand that flooding in some areas occurs because of the usual monsoon season every year but the question is, has the changed in the climate worsens the flooding?

Even close at home in Singapore, the weather over the past years has also become more and more unpredictable. I remember those years back in the 80s, the weather in March would start to get very hot with little rainfall. The hot weather would continue till around August and cooler weather would prevail from August all the way till October and November. Then it would be the monsoon season with lots of rainfall all the way till February. Pardon me, if there are any inaccuracies as these were from my observation.

Now, we are almost into April and it has been raining quite a lot these past weeks. Before that the weather was so hot and dry that every where I went, I saw grasses and leaves turning brown. There was also a record high of bush fires.

It was in the same time that we were having the deadliest blaze in Australia with death toll predicted to exceed 200. What about the wildlife and the damages to Planet Earth? Yes, it was the work of an arsonist. But could the hot and dry climate be a partner in crime?

Earth Hour 2009Earth Hour 2009 has just ended. However, it signifies the start of our first baby step towards healing Planet Earth. Earth Hour 2009 is important to create the awareness, to educate people of Global warming and to unite the human race for a common cause that goes beyond races, cultures and differences. However, even more important is what we are doing everyday.

I strongly believe that we have to continue to take conscious steps in our daily lives to stop this Global warming and climate change issue. 60 minutes were just the starting point for us to start taking proactive measures in our daily lives to create a difference for tomorrow. Special Offer: Join Today & Receive 3 Additional Months FREE!

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24 thoughts on “Earth Hour 2009 Signifies a New Start

  1. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Shu Fen, no, I didn’t switch off all the lights but the usual lights that were not in use were off. But I strongly believe voted Earth should not only be during the Earth Hour. Earth Hour is but just the start. We should consciously do our parts to stop Global Warming in our daily lives. That is my strong believe. Event like Earth Hour is needed however, to create awareness, to educate, and to unite people to vote for Earth and to get them to start their own missions to heal the Earth.

  2. lina

    every little bit of effort counts even by just switching off one light bulb.
    And we shouldn’t do this during Earth Hour only. Practice energy efficient way of living for the benefit of our beloved Earth! 🙂

    linas last blog post..Earth Hour – The Day After

  3. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Gwen, it will make a difference especially when each and everyone of us do our parts in our daily lives. Earth Hour is an important event to unite everyone for a common cause but more important is what we are doing everyday. And each one of us does make a difference. 🙂

  4. A Grateful Heart

    I agree, BK. The weather is getting weird. Last year (summer), I went back home for a vacation. I was expecting a hot and humid weather and I was so looking forward to go hang out in the beach. Much to my surprise, it was raining most of the time that I was there, very disappointing. Worse, there was even typhoon and my flight was almost delayed:(

    A Grateful Hearts last blog post..Mommy Makeover from Sears

  5. laane


    Great post.
    I switched off as much lights as possible after gathering the children downstairs.

    We had a long talk about using energy, not only for light, but also for showering. The next day the girls had a talk in their group about energy and clothes. How your choice affects the environment. Even the teacher was amazed.

    I’ve given you a bit of commentluv at:
    To be honest, I don’t know if I have found the right words for other people to express how I feel about your blog.


  6. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Shawie, indeed, the weather has become weirder.

    @ Tina, it’s alright that you missed it this year. There is always a next year. But most importantly is what we can start doing today that can make a difference by next year Earth Hour. 🙂

    @ Laane, that was a very interesting thing to do; switching off as much lights as possible and gathering all the children downstairs and talking to them about the event. I couldn’t have done it better if I have children of my own. They need to be educated from young.

    Many thanks for the commentluv. I have read your very kind write up about my blog and I am truly humbled by what you had written. Many thanks. I have also enjoyed reading some of the posts on your site as I found them very engaging and close to my heart too. 🙂

    @ Jade, yeah! We need to be careful of our own actions; we need to constantly take proactive actions in benefits of Planet Earth. 🙂

  7. Jeff

    Hi BK, I’m afraid earth hour passed me by and I missed it.. considering we’re still in the 40s I don’t think we could power down the house for an hour. Also I’m a home care provider for my father and he will not turn off the tv except to turn it off downstairs until he gets upstairs and turns that one on…
    Maybe in a year to come I’ll be able to more fully live a green life.. I know my wife and I do what we can by recycling every scrap of paper and plastic bottle that comes in the door…


    Jeffs last blog post..

  8. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Lyla, glad that you joined the group voting Earth. 🙂

    @ Jeff, don’t worry about not joining the Earth Hour. I did not switch off all the lights too. I believe that you and your wife are already doing your part in your everyday life as you mentioned that both of you do what you can by recycling every scrap of paper and plastic bottle. Voting Earth should and must be in our daily lives.

  9. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Liza, I believe it definitely raised awareness. Last year I barely hear about the event. But this year, I see the posters about Earth Hour everywhere I went.

  10. Sue

    I tried to participate. I basically do this everyday anyway, at night I try to have like only one light on in the kitchen. And I am constantly turning lights off in rooms where no one is. People should be doing this everyday, not just one hour on that particular Earth Hour day.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Sue, I totally agree with you that people should be doing this everyday, not just one hour on Earth Hour. Like you, I always switch off the lights in rooms where no one is. 🙂