The Meaning of Life

Fallingwater designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

The above architecture is that of the Fallingwater designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 as a nature retreat for Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr, which is probably also deemed as one of America’s extraordinary houses.

What does a renown house like the Fallingwater has anything to do with the meaning of life? To you and I, the connection may not be so direct. However, to Frank Lloyd Wright, could the meaning of his life be, ‘to create masterpieces like the Fallingwater.’ Or did he give his life meaning by creating masterpieces like the Fallingwater?

In Viktor E. Frankl‘s book, ‘Man’s Search For Meaning,’ he said that a lot of people are going through life asking, ‘what is the meaning of life,’ when they should be giving their lives meaning by what they are doing everyday. Previously I was also constantly asking myself what is the meaning of life and it was like a dog chasing its own tail; I was going round and round in circle.

Then what I read in Viktor’s book made sense to me. When one is searching for the meaning of life, one is not in control of whatever life throws at one. However, when one gives his/her life meaning, one is in control of whatever he/she does. Then what meaning should one gives to his/her life?

In Bill Strickland‘s book, ‘Make the Impossible Possible,’ he mentioned, “… a good life isn’t something you wait for, or chase after, or try to possess; it’s something you must create, moment by moment, on the foundation of your dreams.” What Bill said resonates with what Viktor had mentioned in his book isn’t it?

The connecting dots are then in the dreams that each individual holds. In so speaking, there is a need to know what are one’s dreams. Failing to know one’s dreams in life will make it impossible to live a fulfilled and happy life. Then how does one know his/her dreams? The question is, ‘what are we passionate about in life?’ Found out what we are passionate about and then build our dreams based on our passion.

Now, “What is the meaning are you giving to life?”

Man's Search for Meaning Make the Impossible Possible

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23 thoughts on “The Meaning of Life

  1. dawn @ iowahippiechick

    I’ve got to say, what probably gives the most meaning to my life, is love.
    I try to always share compassion, kindness, and love in my daily life –
    Whether it’s helping a friend or family member…
    Or smiling and saying hello to a perfect stranger.
    I’m definitely passionate about spreading compassion, kindness, and love 🙂

  2. Mike Foster

    Not sure what the meaning of life is, but living in that house, the sound of a waterfall cascading in the background, would add meaning to anyone’s life.


  3. Tomas

    The photo caught my eye and thus I started to read… Wow, that was the real blessing. I am so happy for I did not pass by your article, I rewrote it to my notebook.
    “Failing to know ones dreams in life will make it impossible to live a fulfilled and happy life.”
    Thank you for this statement. While it’s popular to talk about the “meaning of life”, I never heard before that this would be connected with the feeling of the personal happiness and fulfillment.
    Thus you helped to open my eyes wider –
    As we recognize ourselves in others, we give not only the meaning to our life, but experience the personal fulfillment and the happiness too.
    I am proud of adding you to my favorites.

    Tomass last blog post..Cost of the Beauty

  4. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Mike, living in that house could possibly give some meaning to my life. 🙂

    @ Aditya, it is a blessing to be able to live your life the way you want it. 🙂

    @ Tomas, thanks a lot for the kind comment. I am always humbled by your kind comment. Thank you for adding me to one of your favorites. It is truly my honour.

  5. carey @ happysteps

    Hi BK, I first encountered Frankl’s concept about the meaning of life when his book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’, especially his concentration camp experiences, was mentioned by Stephen Covey in the bestseller ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’.

    The idea of us giving meaning to life makes us proactive and responsible for our future. Knowing about Frankl’s concept was a paradigm shift for me. It was then easier for me to write my own personal mission statement. It was liberating after I was done with putting into paper my dreams and goals in life. But I also try to remember that what we plan should always be attuned to God’s will and this can be discerned through prayer.

  6. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Carey, LOL! I didn’t know it was mentioned in the book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People.’ I am ashame to say that I did not finish that book. The first time I knew about Frankl’s book was actually through a paragraph from his book in one of the blogs. Thereafter, I went to the local library to borrow the book. Frankl’s concept of finding meaning in life by giving meaning to life is indeed an empowering concept. I am glad to read that it has freed you and helped you embark on your journey toward your dreams and goals.

    And the Universe is very interesting. When your dreams and goals are in tune with the principles in the Universe, the Universe will move in your favour. However, if ones dreams and goals are against the principles of the Universe, they can never come to true reality or be lasting.

  7. Sherxr

    The meaning of life? Life only has meaning when you assigned one to it. Well.. life is meaningful just by living and enjoying it, isn’t it? Why search for something when maybe there might not be an answer? I love life! And that suffice! 😀

  8. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Sher, that is exactly what I wanted to say, that we are the one giving the meaning to life. The answer is always there, waiting for us to write it out. 🙂

  9. natural

    hey bk. hmm. meaning of life or meaning of my life. i think we were created with a purpose, just like everything else in life – nothing is ever made for no reason at all. i try to look to the creator of life, or god if you will, for that meaning and live my life accordingly. i don’t always succeed as i wish, but i do try.

  10. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Natural, I believe that we were created with a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is guided by the creator of life especially for those who are connected. And at time when the purpose is not clear, we have to create the purpose; life has meaning only when we give it meaning or purpose to it. It is pointless to ask, “what is the meaning of life or what is the purpose of life.” One should always take responsibility by giving meaning and purpose to life.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Jerry, this is something interesting. Many people explore the meaning of life but I have never came across a forum like this. Probably that is because I never Google about this before or else I may just end up with the link earlier. 🙂

  11. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Plin, it will certainly be good to visit different places and learn about different cultures; that is what I want to do too. I hope you can make the time to visit the Fallingwater. I reckon you must be from the US and thus it may be easier for you to visit the place? Thank you for dropping by. 🙂