WW: I left my footprint, Summit of Bukit Timah Hill

WW: I left my footprint, Summit of Bukit Timah Hill


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Bukit Timah, which literally means “tin hill” in Malay, is Singapore’s highest hill at 163.63 metres (537 ft.). It is also the highest point in Singapore according to Wikipedia. Composed mainly of granite, Bukit Timah Hill was once an active quarrying site in the mid-1900s but has since then become one of the popular nature reserves in Singapore.

I was there last week for a morning walk with a group of friends and had unintentionally left my footprint at the summit. Since we were in a nature reserve, I thought it was only naturally to walk barefooted and be connected to nature. It had been a long time since I last did a barefooted walk but nevertheless it was an enjoyable experience.

A morning walk in the goodness of nature was both refreshing and revitalising; followed by a simple and yet good breakfast. The goodness of life can be so simple and yet fulfilling to the heart and soul.

Take a break and take a walk in the goodness of nature and feel the positive energy of nature going through your body!

I am truly thankful and grateful for the foot that left the footprint!

If you happen to be in Singapore and want to take a morning walk in Bukit Timah Hill, you can take a look at the below information:

By Bus
SBS service 170.
TIBs services 67, 75, 171, 173, 184, 852 and 961.

Alight along Upper Bukit Timah Road, opposite Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and Beauty World Centre, or along Jalan Anak Bukit, opposite Courts furniture store, and walk to the end of Hindhede Drive.

By Car
Travelling from the city, follow the direction of Upper Bukit Timah Road towards Woodlands, make a u-turn just after the Courts furniture store and turn left into Hindhede Drive. Limited parking is available at the foothill of the reserve. To minimise our impact to the reserve, especially on weekends, you may like to take the public transport instead.

Photo taken by Sony Ericsson Cybey-shot Camera Phone
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48 thoughts on “WW: I left my footprint, Summit of Bukit Timah Hill

  1. ~sWaMpY~

    Just love it when there are words at Wedless Wordsday ~ Great shot. My favorite footprint is of our Boxer, Junior’s, in the snow just minutes before we had to have him put down.
    .-= ~sWaMpY~´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  2. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Veronica, you are most welcome. Do hope you will get a chance to visit the place if you come to Singapore.

    @ VanillaSeven, Haha, I don’t think so. It would have gone up in thin air by now. 🙂

    @ Paula, you are most welcome.

    @ Jenn, thank you for sharing that adage, I love the sound of it.

    @ ~sWaMpY~, that must be the most memorable footprint also.

    @ And miles to go, Dina, Susie, Alicia, LeeAnn, Annie, Jammie, thank you. 🙂

    @ Kristen, indeed; if only most of us leave that kind of sign on our passing through.

    @ Gattina, the footprint would have been gone by now; washed away by the heavy rain we have been experiencing here in Singapore. 🙂

    @ Marilyn, going barefoot can be quite an experience.

    @ Uyen, yes, if you do visit Singapore and you like nature tracking, probably you like to mark this down to visit.

    @ CatSynth, probably it was not as popular a tourist spot to most visitors to Singapore.

    @ Annalyn, Bukit Timah is a good place to live in; a lot of trees. 🙂

    @ Liz, it certainly was! And the best thing was, it was totally unintentionally. I did not even notice it until a friend told me about my footprint. 🙂

    @ Amanda, it was not too bad; I wasn’t walking in the mud track, I was walking in the road up the summit. Thus I didn’t have to worry about snakes and creepy crawlies.

    @ Meleah, it is truly an amazing experience.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Lauren, you couldn’t be wiser; it is indeed a simple thing to be grateful for and most of us are taking that for granted everyday. It is my pleasure to share and thank you for dropping by.

      @ Fatima, yes, it is a wonderful way of connecting to nature. I could feel my feet on the wet grasses.

  3. Sue

    Very cool photo. I don’t know if I’d be up for taking a hike “barefoot” though. Have a hard enough time with shoes on.

    It is like the signs I’ve seen – “leave nothing but footprints.”

    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    .-= Sue´s last blog ..WW 116 Happy Birthday =-.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Sue, barefoot can be quite frightening if I was walking on mud trail with dead leaves and twigs. Fortunately, I was walking on the path which wasn’t so bad. Nice experience. 🙂