Tropical Storm Ketsana (Ondoy) Hit Philippines

Tropical Storm Ketsana (Ondoy) Hit Philippines

Tropical Storm Ketsana (Ondoy) hit PhilippinesIt has been an uneventful weekend for me and I hope that you have a good weekend there. However, I couldn’t say that for some of our Philippines friends who were badly hit by the tropical storm Ketsana (Ondoy) over the weekend.

According to a report from AFP, “At least 73 people were killed and more than 330,000 others displaced after the heaviest rain in more than four decades plunged the Philippine capital into turmoil…

The nine-hour deluge across Manila on Saturday submerged houses, washed away shanties and turned roads into raging rivers, forcing terrified residents to seek refuge on top of homes or cars where they waited for more than 24 hours.”

It is the worst extensive flooding that he has seen, according to Defence Secretary Gilberto Teodoro. The rainfall sets a record high of 41.6 centimetres (16 inches), over the previous single-day record of 33.4 centimetres in July 1967.

Philippine Red Cross chairwoman Gwendolyn Pang said rescuers were struggling to reach many areas, with highways rendered impassable.

“This has never happened before. Almost 80 percent of metropolitan Manila is underwater,” Pang told AFP.

For those of you who are reading this and want to make a donation whether in term of money or relief goods, you can do it through:

1. Philippines National Red Cross, PNRC or through their online form: PNRC and choose ‘Typhoon Ondoy.’

2. And if you are in the Philippines, you can also access this list for all the locations where you can drop off relief goods for people affected by Ketsana (Ondoy).

3. If you are in Cebu: Victory Cebu at 3/F Dacay Building, 72 Escario St., Cebu City. Operation: 10am – 6pm, Monday – Sunday.

4. If you are in Bacolod: Victory Bacolod at 3/L Robinsons Place – Bacolod. They are accepting donations in cash and relief goods (bread, “mamon” brownies, cookies/biscuits, juice, energy drink, bottled water, medication, clothing, slippers, blankets,etc.). Contact no. 441-0703.


The Filipino Association in Singapore (FAS) also announced that it is accepting donations in kind for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. Donations may be dropped off at:

A-Freight Cargo
304 Orchard Road
#03-19 Lucky Plaza
Singapore 238863
Contact Maureen Schepers: 6235-1011.

i-Remit Singapore announced that it will waive remittance charges for donations to the Philippine National Red Cross. Remittances to the Philippine National Red Cross may be sent through:

i-Remit Singapore
304 Orchard Road
#03-69 Lucky Plaza
Singapore 238863

LBC announced that it will waive remittance charges for donations made to the following organizations: ABS-CBN Foundation, GMA Foundation, Philippine National Red Cross, and the National Disaster Coordinating Center. Remittances to these organizations may be sent through:

LBC Singapore
304 Orchard Road
#04-77 Lucky Plaza
Singapore 238863

Wishing everyone a bless week ahead!

Thank you Patricia from Subjective Soup for passing me some awards. It is truly my honour. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

Photo by AFP

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20 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Ketsana (Ondoy) Hit Philippines

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Petula, sorry to hear about the flooding in Georgia. Hope all will get better soon.

      @ Marlene, yes, I saw some photos where the houses were filled with muds; it was definitely nothing pleasant to look at. Just hope things will get back normal as soon as possible for the people affected by Ondoy.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Liferamblings, you are right; just yesterday and today, there were two earthquakes in Sumatra. Hoping for the best to come and for those affected to be able to get on with their lives soon.

  1. Mom

    This picture is heartbreaking. I can’t even begin to imagine…

    We have had some pretty serious flooding here in and around the Atlanta area, but nothing at all like what is being seen in the Philippines.

    It is all so sad, but times like these help to remind us that there is so much love to be found in the human race.
    .-= Mom´s last blog ..Little White Lies =-.

  2. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ VanillaSeven, I certainly hope so. I was also glad that Typhoon Parma steered clear of Manila which would otherwise be making life even harder for the people who were already affected by Ondoy.

    @ Allure, thank you. It was the least I could do. I just hope that the people who were affected by Ondoy will find the strength to move on.

  3. Eren Mckay

    Losing all of your possessions and your home is just heartbreaking.
    80% of an entire city underwater … I can’t even imagine the kind of public chaos going on.

    When there was a police strike here in Salvador it was the worst 3 weeks of my life.
    Especially because my boys were all little. It was just awful.
    I’m praying for all of them.
    Eren Mckay
    .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..Ways to get closer to God meditate on Who He is =-.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Eren, it was indeed hard to imagine. Just Quezon City in Manila alone is already bigger than the size of Singapore. 80% of Manila underwater is as good as having the whole of Singapore underwater. Thank you for praying for them.