1 Kilogram of Love

1 Kilogram of Love

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1 Kilogram of Love

Please give me one foot of Happiness, one pint of kindness, one acre of care and … er … I change my mind. Give me 1 kilogram of Love instead.

Am I making any sense to you? Looking at the title of this post, what was on your mind? Would it be good if we could buy some units of love or happiness like buying a can of soda in a convenient store?

For people who are currently in a relationship, what is the one question which you are most fearful of? For me, I am forever searching for the ‘perfect’ answer to the simple question “How much do you love me?” If you answer too hastily, you may be accused that you haven’t put much thought into it. And if you take just a little bit longer in answering, your sincerity and love would be doubted by the person receiving it. Whatever your answer, there is no one perfect answer that fits all.

This was probably one of the questions which I dreaded being asked if I was in a relationship. Was it because I did not love the other person? Which probably would not be the case. Then why would I have challenge answering such a simple and straightforward question? I was recently enlightened by something which one of my subscribers wrote.

Up till now, we have only been able to vaguely describe how much we love another in terms of the ‘degree’ like, “I love you very much,” “I love you deeply from the bottom of my heart,” etc.

However, the question is how much is ‘very much‘ and how deep is ‘deeply?’ Wouldn’t it be much easier and save us much torturing if we can translate it into measuring unit? Then we can say ‘1 kilogram of love‘ or ‘1 foot of love‘ or ‘24 hours of love.’ Yet I know immediately how ridiculous and absurd I must have sounded to you because we often say that love is immeasurable. It is limitless like the vastness of the universe; it goes far beyond what we can see with our eyes or scopes.

A thousand years of prayer without awareness will bring forth no benefit whatsoever. Realisation is instant.

So after all being said, does it still make any sense to ask how much someone loves you? How can we possibly hope to describe love which we can’t see? Didn’t they say that seeing is believing? And since we can’t see, we can’t believe? I can only say that we have to feel it with our hearts.

My subscriber, Bella, sent this writing of her that enlightened me. ‘Love is immeasurable’ just as we can’t measure ‘happiness,’ ‘kindness,’ ‘care,’ or ‘faith,’ etc.

I will leave you with part of her writing.

What Cannot Be Measured

One pint vanilla ice cream
12 chocolate-chip cookies
1\2 cup chocolate sprinkles

Mixing all these together you can get a very tasty Ice-cream sandwiches!

One white shirt
One black jacket
One pair of black trousers
One pair of black socks
One pair of black leather shoes
One tie

All these together will make a great suit for a business man.

Hotel – 320$ per night
Tickets – 750$ round trip
Daily allowance – 100$

Accounting all these you can enjoy the 7-day vacation somewhere in Miami Beach.

There are 256 countries in the world, 4 oceans and 7 deserts.

A human consists of 60% of the water and only 2% of the salt.

Interesting facts, huh?

It seems a human can measure and count everything! Especially due to the technological progress, it became easier and more available for people. But that all are just material wealth!

Do you think those things can make you happy? Satisfied maybe, but not fulfilled or pleased.

Did you ever try to measure such things as Health? Happiness? Kindness? Cares? Faith? Beauty? Joy? Love?

You can get a house, but not coziness,
You can get a bed, but not a dream,
You can get watch, but not time,
You can get a book, but not knowledge,
You can get a position, but not respect,
You can pay for a doctor, but can¡¦t buy health,
You can have sex, but not love,
You can be wealthy, but not happy,
You can find a road, but not your way\journey,
You can have a weapon, but not power,
You even can get a goal, but not sense.

Because these things are immeasurable!

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25 thoughts on “1 Kilogram of Love

  1. VanillaSeven

    First, Agree totally with you BK. Love is something magical that from ancient times musician keeps making love songs yet the magic is unlimited!

    Second, I love the Ice cream sandwiches!!:P
    Thanks for sharing with me!
    Have a great weekend full of love BK <3
    .-= VanillaSeven´s last blog ..Coming To My Senses =-.

  2. Petula

    Very interesting and wonderful post. Love is such a touchy subject for me these days. Ones I have love have hurt so much, but the love I have to give is immeasurable. I like the way you bring notice to other things that are immeasurable.

    I’ve tried being with someone I love a little and I was hurt. I’ve tried being with someone who I love with all of my breath and soul and was hurt even worse. Although love can be immeasurable people sure can put a limit on how much they give you.
    .-= Petula´s last blog ..Me 41? Wow! =-.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Sher, indeed, when we love someone deeply, we just lost count or rather we just love unconditionally.

      @ Petula, although people can put a limit on how much love they give, it is a challenge when we truly love someone. I believe when one truly love another, one will find it hard to control his/her feelings and will be willing to give unconditionally.

  3. Lainy

    This is a thought provoking post, BK!

    I remember my Prince telling me if it’s not 100% love, then it’s not Love at all. Most people tend to love with reservations. They say they are scared getting hurt. I used to think that way not until I’ve met my Prince.

    I’ve realized Love can’t be measured and it just fills my entire being. You simply lost count and for me this is unconditional love where you don’t expect to be loved in the same way that you loved the other person.

    With me and my prince, each of us believes that our love for each other is far greater than what we are capable of. It’s magical!
    .-= Lainy´s last blog ..Air Supply Sang “Now and Forever” For Me! =-.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Lainy, well said. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Indeed a lot of people hold back in loving as they are afraid of getting hurt. It is not wrong for them as they had been hurt before and most have their reservations. When we truly love another, how would it be possible to hold back our feelings? If we do, the other person may think twice about our sincerity and if we are real in our feelings. There is only one way to love and that is to love unconditionally without any expectation.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Recel, Tomas, thank you.

      @ ECL, yes, some people may not be good in expressing their love but they do it through their actions; just as in the case of my father. He never told us he loved us. However, his actions shown it all and we knew it.

  4. Mom

    Perhaps the best answer to the question of “How much do you love me?” is that if one must ask how much one is loved, then the person they are asking does not love them nearly enough. For if one is completely and totally loved, then one has no need to ask such a question.
    .-= Mom´s last blog ..Bedtime Picnics =-.

  5. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Mom, perhaps, I do agree with you that if one needs to ask that, then the person he/she is asking does not love them nearly enough. And it may be that the person asking has a feeling of insecurity and needed to be assured. It could really be the person one is asking is not doing enough or showing enough or it could simply be that one need to ‘see’ more with his/her heart to feel it.

  6. Passerby

    Hey there! I like this entry.
    Especially the last part about getting a bed but not dream.

    It spice up my day. Thank you! ^^

  7. Dorothy L

    Yikes…you have hit on many thoughts here.
    Seeing is believing…I would only have that follow in the behaviors of others or in things that are of material substance. Then we can break off form there and wonder is love a behavior?

    To have to see Love is for those that do not feel Love.

    Love is an involuntary emotion…one that can not be controlled…it is part of who we are, as is our ability to breathe and think.

    Love is faith, Love is in fact not seeing but feeling and knowing without question.

    To have to see Love is for those that do not feel Love.

    So many people love for different reasons and so many for all the wrong reasons. Now are those people truly in Love? OR Are they just acting like they are in love because of what they have witnessed on television or read in books.
    Is their Love of a learned behavior ….a behavior that is merely mimicked…leaving it without heart.

    I personally believe that Love just is….the hardest part of Love is when it is not returned. Love is like the wind and time of life…you know it is there even though you do not see it. If Love was so easily created….there would be a lot less broken hearts in this world of relationships.

    Excellent thought provoking post 🙂

  8. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Dorothy, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Love indeed is an ‘invisible force’ that is around us all the time, even when we are unaware of its presence. If only we learn to tap into it.

    You made a very good point there about love being a ‘learned behaviour’ for some (even I may be guilty of this) where they mimicked what they saw on television or read in books. If loving in this case for a wrong reason, it may very well lead to hurt. Thank you for contributing these enlightening points. 🙂

  9. Dorothy L

    Many times I wonder what we would be like if we had never advanced so far with technology. Technology to me almost seems like a teacher we invented to teach us all of the ways of a perfect world….only we were not meant to be perfect nor to live in a perfect world and that is why it never quite works out right.

    ***It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone-but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.**
    .-= Dorothy L´s last blog ..Love..Lust..Sex! =-.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Dorothy, technology has indeed made a lot of things easier for us almost to the point of seamless. In the past, long distance relationship is a big challenge, nowadays, lovers can talk and see each other almost any time they want to. It bridged the gap between some. And yet on the other hand, technology has also widen the gap between others. I have heard of children and parents communicating with each other using texting, even when they are just in the next room. What happened to talking face-to-face?

  10. Eren Mckay

    Love is wanting and doing the best for the other person above our own wants or desires.
    Love is demonstrated daily. But demonstrations are void if they aren’t originated out of true commitment to the other person’s well being.
    There are those who try to fool others that they love but in time their selfish actions show that they are lying.
    Love can have feelings at times that are pleasurable and other times that are not.
    But love is not a feeling.
    Love is a decision to do the best for the other person always….
    Your post was beautifully deep.
    .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..Painting creative pumpkin faces & pumpkin decorating ideas =-.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Eren, indeed, love must be straight and sincere from the heart. And I agree with you that love is wanting to do the best for the other person above our own wants and needs.

  11. Tomas

    Each time I recall your 1 Kilogram of Love, I become fired with the desire to smile – and thus Kilogram of love multiplies: I recognize myself gathering the love from all around as I share my smile.
    Thank you once again.
    .-= Tomas´s last blog ..true friend =-.

  12. Ben

    That is a very interesting concept. I’ve often wondered how much of a difference there is between loves. Just to say that someone is “In Love” doesn’t really say it all. Some people have a love that lasts a lifetime and burns brightly. Others have a love that fizzles out quickly and turns to bitter contempt. Though love is immeasurable like you said, it’s still very interesting to think about. Thanks for the thought provoking post!
    .-= Ben´s last blog ..Cambodia Motorcycle Diary #4 =-.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Ben, perhaps the one that fizzles out as quickly as it has come isn’t love to begin with; it could very well be just infatuation. Love is a lifetime project which we work on continuously.