Wordless Wednesday: Mushroom or Fungus?

Wordless Wednesday: Mushroom or Fungus?

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I saw these little fellows while I was on my way to pick up my brother from work yesterday. Yes, I know, these could be pretty common in your place but I don’t get to see these growing everywhere in Singapore.

The interesting thing is, along the whole stretch of grasses, only a little stretch of it have these growing. I guess this is the beauty of nature – so random and unpredictable at time. Anyone knows the actual name of these? Mushrooms? Fungus? According to Wikipedia, “A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source.

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47 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Mushroom or Fungus?

  1. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Jeanna, you are right; all mushrooms are fungi. At least that is what wikipedia said and what I have learnt in school. Yes, we have to be careful when picking them as not all are edible. 🙂

  2. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Social Frog, thank you for stopping by. 🙂

    @ Sara, they are not the exact same mushrooms; probably two different types. Mushrooms are nutrition food but we do have to be careful picking mushrooms in the wild as not all are edible. Probably some mushrooms are the prettiest fungi. 🙂

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Ken, I think they are two different type of mushrooms. Just too many types of mushrooms around. It is kind of interesting really. I just took the shot with my Sony Cybershot cellphone. 🙂

      @ Dianne, thank you. 😉

  3. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Race, you are right, mushrooms are fungi; not to mention that some are poisonous too. 🙂

    @ Maria, I wouldn’t trust picking up just any mushrooms on the ground too. 🙂

  4. iWalk

    Your photos remind me my childhood days. There were many such kind of mushrooms on the mountain of the town I lived. 🙂

  5. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ iWalk, I would love to see all that mushrooms on the mountain of the town you lived. 🙂

    @ Indrani, what a wonderful riddle. I could borrow this for sure. 😉

  6. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Marylin, that is an interesting concept huh? A fairy’s house. It sad that as we grew up, we lose our imaginative powers to realism and practicality. We somehow lost the ability to ‘dream.’

  7. june

    Nice shots of the little ones. The answer to your question is mushrooms are fungi…so you don’t have to choose! Like was said already, be careful though because not all mushrooms are edible.

    junes last blog post..Whoa!

  8. Sue

    Like others said mushrooms are fungi. That is interesting you don’t have many in Singapore. They are so commonplace here in the warm weather, that I just take them for granted. Nice post! 🙂

    Sues last blog post..Acai Diet Reviews

  9. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ June, after I asked the question, I realised how silly the question is; because mushrooms are fungi. 😀

    @ Sue, surprisingly, I don’t get to see this very often. Or maybe I wasn’t looking around much. 🙂

    @ Jenn, are those in your yard edible? Thank you for visiting also.

  10. jenny

    Not sure about kinds of mushrooms, and I don’t like to eat them. But they are fun to find growing places. They seem to pop up so quickly and some varieties just seem to get huge in a matter of days.

    jennys last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #6

  11. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Jenny, I didn’t like eating mushrooms when I was a kid but as I grow older, I have learnt to appreciate them. It is quite fascinating to see them popping up so quickly and to be gone just as fast. 😀

    @ Carol, thank you. Those were impromptu shot; I saw them while on my way to fetch my brother from work. I just stopped the car, safely of course, by the road side and took out my Sony Cybershot cellphone and snapped those photos. 😉

    @ Liza, really have to be careful as not all mushrooms are edible. 🙂

    @ Amanda, thank you for stopping by.

  12. Cricket

    Hey BK…I am officially back from my vacation. I hope all is well with you.

    Spring is here. I needed the winter to go away. It has and now I am alive again.

    Mushroom…that is all I know. We do have them where I live. Usually in poor soil conditions. Many at the base of a tree.

  13. Sher

    Hey. This mushroom is not edible.. as with most wild mushrooms.
    We went mushroom picking two autumns ago and the locals taught us only a tiny fraction is indeed edible. Guess what? Those huge ones are usually poisonous! Of course roasted wild mushrooms in the woods can be quite an unforgettable treat!

    Shers last blog post..Ur Resident Chef Garden: Survived the Winter

  14. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Sher, I knew that anything to do with food, I can safely rely on you. I think I heard it before too that only a tiny fraction is edible. You are always the ‘devil’ huh, tempting me with good food and now roasted wild mushrooms? Not to mention having them at their freshest. 😉

  15. Shu Fen

    hey! im back again ^^ thanks for comments, they comforted somehow 🙂 you live so near me! i live in yishun. anyway i was surprised u lived in singapore initially cus this didn’t seemed like a typical Singaporean website you see ^^ so are u singaporean? xD

    Shu Fens last blog post..The Worst Birthday Ever

  16. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Shu Fen, so we are neighbours! 😉

    And yes, I am 100% Singaporean or maybe not the typical Singapore. Then again, what makes a typical Singaporean? 😀

  17. Cacai M.

    I prefer to call this a mushroom. We have a lot of mushroom like this in the Phils. and it taste so good! it’s one of my fave. I guess mushroom is a family of vegetables. anyway, great pic you have!

    Cacai M.s last blog post..MY NAME GOT CHANGED

  18. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Cacai, mushroom seems to be a better name for it than fungus huh? My first impression of fungus was the moldy and greenish stuffs that grew on some of the bread. Not exactly a pleasant sight. Glad that you are a mushroom lover or eater like me. 🙂