To Hold, You must first open Your Hand

To Hold, You must first open Your Hand

To Hold, You must first open Your Hand

To Hold, You must first open Your Hand

Steve Jobs said, “Every once in a while, I find myself in the presence of purity – purity of spirit and love – and I always cry. It always just reaches in and grabs me.

Have you ever come across moments in your life where the lessons came knocking on your door and without even waiting for you to react, they came right through that door into your heart and your soul; becoming a part of you and you knew that your life was enriched? I call that ‘Moment of Realisation.’ The first time I read the above quote by Steve Jobs, I was travelling on the bus.

In that moment, I felt a lump in my throat. I have had moments like that before but it wasn’t until I read the quote that came close to describe that strong feeling I have had – purity of spirit and love. I believe that most of us have moments like this – if only we listen more to that voice within us; I am learning to tune in more.

If we look back and connect the dots, there are a lot of lessons in life that we have learnt when were young, even when we were just babies. No?

I believe that we were never created with the intention to hold on to things; that was also never the true purpose of the pair of hand that was given to us. In fact, one of the very first few lessons we learned was on ‘opening our hands and letting go.’ In a quote I came across from Lao Tzu yesterday, “To hold, you must first open your hand. Let go.” And this, we did learn to open our hands and let go.

Have you ever observed that most newborn babies have clenched fist? According to an article in by Candice Hughes:

Through the first few weeks of life, newborn babies often will retain the position they were in while confined inside the uterus. They will keep their arms and legs close to their bodies and keep their hands clenched. It will take weeks after she is born for your infant to begin opening and closing her hands.

The newborn babies learned to open their hands and this also open up a whole new world of excitement for the babies. The baby has learnt to let go of the familiarity in a matter of a few weeks and to embrace the exciting uncertainties ahead. We have forgotten this one lesson bestowed upon us when we were a baby and are relearning it again: To open our hands and to let go – to let go of the familiarity and to embrace the exciting journey ahead. What is past is passed, now we must journey on. Have Faith and Trust that when things are falling apart, they are also at the same time falling into places.

Would you open your hands and journey on with me too?
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