Father piggyback her daughter
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I saw this paragraph in Chinese today and translated it into English to share it with you. I thought that it was absolutely beautiful and yet touching. Don’t most of us have a father like this?

Somehow when I was reading that short paragraph, I was reminded of my own father. He was such a father in many ways to us. Although he is no longer with us, he is always closed in the hearts of those he had loved unconditionally. Whatever we had given unconditionally, no matter how small they might seem to be, would never be lost – they would always be dearly remembered.

He liked me without any makeup on,
liked my long ponytail,

He asked me everyday what I had for lunch
and what I wanted for dinner,

He would frown and say, “Bought clothes again,”
and then complimented, “Beautiful,”

He taught me not to waste money and then passed me a credit card,

He listened in silent when I was crying over the phone …
Then said, “Come back … I would support you!”

The man who loved me the most in the world was already married to my mother!

Yet I love him still!

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