How to Attract Anyone You Want

How to Attract Anyone You Want

Whether it is seduction you have on your mind, the art of love or just some playful flirting, there are ways for both men and women to attract anyone they want. First of all, no matter where you are, always appear friendly and approachable to everyone. Women want men to know that they are strong but it is not recommended that you take up too much space in the area you are standing in.

Women should stand with their toes pointed at a slightly inward angle and their feet should be no more than six inches apart from the other. For men, a dominant stanch is what draws in women. Men are able to take up a larger area of space without looking superior and their toes should point outward with their feet approximately six to ten inches apart.

If you are a man who has trouble attracting women, wear clothes that are conservative in style. This works for your haircut as well. Always remember to hold your head up when you are out in public and speaking with others and speak a little faster as it makes you appear both very competent as well as assertive.

Body language speaks volumes to the opposite sex so do not slouch, appear bored, fold your arms and do not engage in chewing your fingernails, gum or even ice cubes. The chewing action translates to feelings of frustration, nervousness or anxiety and these are all turnoffs for the opposite sex.

Smiling puts other individuals at ease and makes you appear warm, friendly and approachable. Make sure though that you are wearing a normal, regular smile and not a phony, plastered on smile. Also always keep eye contact with a person you are conversing with and keep the tone of your voice pleasant and interested in the conversation. Remember that being a good listener makes you more attractive as well.

Color has a way of drawing in the opposite sex and different colors work for men and women. The color blue attracts women to men as blue often symbolizes that a man is capable of being monogamous, is stable, dependable and loyal. Blue is a reassuring color for a woman. It is recommended that women wear a color that complements their skin tone to attract men and for most women that means a pink or peach color which also makes them appear approachable. Pink is a vulnerable shade that is very feminine and for that reason it appeals to the protective side of a man’s nature. As well pink gives the skin a healthy look, which is always good.

Strong women often enjoy wearing strong colors such as deep red, plum or burgundy and a man who cannot handle this kind of a woman is not likely to approach one wearing any of these shades. Red is a very seductive, sensual color but it is also the color that stands for both sex and power. Red is exciting and gets the adrenalin racing but always wear it with caution.

The color to avoid for both sexes is the yellowish green shade that looks like a caterpillar. This shade is not advisable to wear for either men or women who wish to attract the opposite sex. In fact this color often does not complement many people’s skin coloring.

Scents play a role in attraction and studies have shown that men are attracted to the scents of vanilla and cinnamon while women like the smell of black licorice. If you can incorporate any of these into your attraction repertoire then go ahead and do so!

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