Brick Wall

Image from woodsy

Want to know what this is all about? Details will be furnished tomorrow.

Before that, what does this look like to you? Or what do you see from the picture? I would be happy to read what is/are on your mind. Let your imagination run free …

As promised, the details are up at: The Last Lecture (Professor Randy Pausch)

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18 thoughts on “Brick Wall

  1. Judy

    Actually two thoughts came to mind…the first, it looks like the wall of a home desperately in need of curb appeal…flowers, bushes, etc. The second is that it definitely reminds me of my kids and my husband when I’m trying to explain something or trying to talk some sense into them…”like talking to a brick wall!”

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Judy, it does look like the wall of a home desperately in need of some touch up and decoration. I thought the second thought is interesting; they must have been pretty stubborn. 😀

  2. Tina

    For me what comes to mind is emotional as well. I have been actively working on tearing down the walls I built to protect myself. I have a tendency to build walls between myself and others. It is a comping mechanism that I must have “constructed” as a youth. Now, I am working on healthier ways of dealing with things. Anyway, my first thought was an emotional brick wall.

    Tinas last blog post..Entrecard Droplist

  3. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Tina, that is very true, I believe that most of us created emotional ‘brick walls’ or ‘walls’ at some points in our lives to protect ourselves. However, in doing that, we have also blocked others from trying to reach out to us. Tearing down these emotional brick walls takes a lot of self-awareness and realization. I truly believe that you are doing well in tearing those walls. Need some tools to bring those walls down? 😉

  4. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ VanillaSeven, it certainly is a pretty well taken shot. Now that you mentioned, it does look like wallpaper if not for the green grasses at the bottom. 😀

  5. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Marie, indeed, that is a great hindrance for us to break through to get to the other side. And precisely that is the reason why it was built in the first place; to prevent anyone to get through easily.

  6. Tina

    to me its like you have tried your hardest to get to a certain point, but something has now stopped you. Now you need to decide to climb over and ignore what people are saying or just walk backwards or stay where you are!!

    ooh how deep was that lol. cant wait to read what your dilemma is

    Tinas last blog post..A PARK FIRST TIME

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Tina, it certainly seems to be that way; a point is reached whereby a decision has to be made on whether to move forward or to stay where one is. Should one be stopped by the brick wall? 🙂

      @ Meghann, very refreshing ideas. You certainly see a lot of potential of the brick wall where some may only see it as a brick wall. 🙂

  7. Meghann

    I see potential. Potential for homes, potential for people. Potential for really cool photographs of people. Potential for meetings and coffee and cool conversation sitting on the grass 🙂

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Karen, indeed, this can be a place where one can lean and talk to friends. 🙂

      @ Shawie, just as Judy said, this place could use some landscaping. 😀

  8. A Grateful Heart

    oh my! BK, the image reminds me of a neighbor’s house that I always wished it was ours when I was a kid, lols! It would look livelier with roses and daisies and I will surely water it everyday^-^…

    btw, I agree with them… looks like a yard that needs landscaping:))

    A Grateful Hearts last blog post..Unsung Hero