Life is Like a Box of Jigsaw

Life is Like a Box of Jigsaw

Which will you choose? A jigsaw puzzle that you can get easily in a shop where you get to choose the exact picture that you want; it could be a cute dog, a beautiful mountain or landscape scenery, famous Disney’s cartoon characters and just about anything you can think of. How about a jigsaw puzzle where you don’t get to see the whole picture? It is like what Tom Hanks said in Forrest Gump, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” That is too much uncertainty for most to deal with and yet the excitements that come from the uncertainties are intriguing to some. Life wouldn’t be colourful if everything is as planned.

In so speaking, which will you choose? I like some excitements in life because they are usually unexpected, which make life more colourful and even more interesting, though excitements may not always be good. Yet at the same time, I think it is important to have plans and goals in life so that we know where we are heading to. The end destination might not always be what we expected but just like the say, “… it is not the end destination, but the journey towards the destination that is most important …” It is important that we enjoy the journey and stop at time to smell the flower along the way. Don’t worry too much about the end destination because when you shoot at the stars, even if you don’t hit any, you will end up among them.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” — Les Brown

In an email which I received recently, it mentioned that patience is a virtue. I agree with it immediately when I read the subject line. However, I do not agree totally to the story that was used to illustrate that patience is a virtue. The story went that a couple sought only a job that would keep them in town but ended up with a multi-million dollar company. Patience is certainly a virtue in this case as building a multi-million dollar company not only takes time but also a lot of hard work. So what is it that I don’t agree?

In the story, it said that if the couple had seen the final picture, or the picture on the front of the jigsaw puzzle box, they probably would have shaken their heads and said “Impossible Dream.” It may have appeared to them so hard or impossible to bring to life that they may never have embarked on the journey at all. If you knew how it would turn out? Would you have said, “Impossible Dream” too? Probably a lot of people would have said that while some would hold on to that image and knowing that they could not fail, they would push on into the unknown bravely.

Some men see things as they are and say, “Why?” I dream of things that never were and say, “Why not?” — George Bernard Shaw

It is not the picture on the jigsaw puzzle box that would stop the couple, it would be themselves. It is important to have the end picture in mind and even more important to make plans and goals in working towards the picture in the mind. Just do what is in your heart and trust that eventually you will get there.It is of the utmost importance to believe in yourself and have faith that you can achieve the picture in your mind. Keep this closely in your mind.

“When the night is the darkest, it means that soon the day will break. Press on!”

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7 thoughts on “Life is Like a Box of Jigsaw

  1. Sherxr

    Tell me about patience is a virtue.. Me and fiance waiting to get married or even just to be together for 3 years now.. and still waiting. We are hanging on to something that we hope will come through eventually. It’s not money that we are talking about here… Love comes to all that waits…

  2. -Trisna-

    Thanks for sharing this, for me, A good life is the main argument So, if you’re looking for the right and match puzzle to fit in to our life, i’d say keep looking, we’re on the right track…

    Puzzle here is the argument to life, and we’re looking the right argument in our life…



  3. Soo Ling

    “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” — Les Brown

    The last I saw this quote was at least 10 years ago and I have been sharing it with my friends when they need a direction in life. It always help!

    “How about a jigsaw puzzle where you don’t get to see the whole picture?” – When I read this sentence, it just set me into deep thoughts. To me, this metaphor is a good snapshoot of what life is but it is always a challenge to put the pieces together no matter how long it takes.

    Thanks for the insightful messages in all your blog!

  4. Symphony of Love Post author

    Hey Soo Ling, glad to hear from you. It has been quite some time since I last heard from you. Quotations are the wisdom from people which I have always enjoyed sharing with people around me. There are always so much to learn. I am glad that you have enjoyed these messages. It is always a pleasure for me to share.

  5. Evita

    For sure I pick the puzzle where I do not get to see the whole picture as life to me – through that choice, becomes LIMITLESS.
    I don’t stop or look at it and have to say well, this or that is all its ever going to be.

    And I completely agree when you say it would have been the couple who limit themselves – God gave us such amazing abundance of creative power and many of us just don’t seem to get that – so yeah, we are the only ones that limit ourselves. And of course if we are patient the bigger picture always unfolds favorably 🙂

    Evitas last blog post..Detaching Self from “My Things and My Story”

  6. Symphony of Love Post author

    Yes I agree with you Evita that God gave us such amazing abundance of creative power! 🙂

    You had made another great point there on the unlimited possibilities of choosing a puzzle where you don’t get to see the whole picture. What I would like to add on to choosing a puzzle with the picture that we can see is that we can make it one with unlimited possibilities too. The important thing is to know what we want and going toward it.

    And once we have achieved that, the picture will ‘refresh’ with new images 🙂