Britain’s Got Talent Connie Talbot

Britain’s Got Talent Connie Talbot

This video was sent to me by one of the subscribers about 2 months back. Pardon me for the late response. Some of you might have already watched this performance in Britain’s Got Talent. The 6 years old girl, Connie Talbot, which was described by Simon as ‘pitch perfect.’ When I first watched this video, I was touched by the singing of Connie. Her singing is not fanciful but there is something about her singing which reaches deep into your heart and touches you.

She did not win the contest but she made it all the way into the finals.

The winner of Britain’s Got Talent was Paul Potts. Described by Simon as a shy and humble guy. On his first perfomance, when he stepped onto the stage, you could see the disbelief faces of the judges; the question in their minds, “Can he really performs Opera?” More often than not, we are quick to jump to conclusion by appearance.

But when he started singing, their faces immediately changed. A powerful voice that touches the heart. I highly recommend you to watch it.

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