Learn 5 Main Reasons Why it is Important to Achieve World Peace

Learn 5 Main Reasons Why it is Important to Achieve World Peace

Learn 5 Main Reasons Why it is Important to Achieve World Peace

Learn 5 Main Reasons Why it is Important to Achieve World Peace

We get an increasing rate of conflicts across the globe yearly. Nations are destroying one another as a result of political disputes. How important does world peace mean to us today? Is anyone even considering how bad violence and conflicts affect us as individuals? Let alone our families and cultures?

How do we tackle the problems that affect and destroy our societies? Is it safe to ignore them since we’ve been trying for centuries? Is it possible to prioritize unity above our differences? Build a world where we can tell better socio-economical stories to our children? Let’s discuss how important world peace affects mankind’s existence.

Modern Problems Destroying our Societies & Lives

Our society will remain in jeopardy if we do not eliminate certain problems. Issues like race, discrimination, and war remain constant factors today. These modern problems of mankind can only end by conscious actions. It takes the unity of every continent to fight the world crisis. Lack of peace between two neighboring countries can lead to a breakout of war.

Today, war extends from neighboring countries to major parts of a continent. We can only exact the change we desire in unity. Every student on campus needs to understand how these problems destroy lives. Paper samples on conflict controversial topics like black lives matter essay examples need to be reviewed by every student. More online studying should be done on racism and discrimination for better essay research.

It is possible to live a life of harmony. We should learn to live our lives beyond the color of our skin. Discrimination at the grass-root level could sprout into inter-continental conflicts. More issues affect world peace than condemning a person’s sexuality. We have socio-political issues affecting the GDP of poverty-inflicting countries. Some children die in these countries by the hour. If we are not united, how do we help?

Black Lives Matter

Reasons Why it is Importance to Achieve World Peace

Conflicts result in Mass Killings

The results of wars and conflicts can be disheartening. Violence stunts the development of a state or nation. Citizens have to worry about building from scratch after war. It sometimes costs three times more to rebuild than to build a nation. We constantly hear stories of refugee children fleeing their countries without a guardian. In most cases, war or conflict took their parents with it. It is sad to continually record mass killings due to a lack of peace.

We cannot achieve world peace if some parts of the world are not in unity. Most developing countries have to spend billions to assist countries in distress. Funds that could go to better use for developing other countries. We face insecurity and political repression on a large scale globally. Nations are mounting deadly defensive mechanisms against one another. War could break out as the cause of the slightest disagreement. Everyone can defend themselves anyway.

Destroying Nature

Destroying Nature

Let’s break things a little further. Conflicts and war leave catastrophe impact on nature. Students in college learn about the impact of war on nature. The explosives from war zones create various aftermath on the earth. They recreate various sizes of debris and rubble in the environment. It takes decades before the ozone layer in such areas gets back to normal. This could potentially cause long-term soil and air pollution.

Learning about conflicts can be disheartening. Do you know that large-scale conflicts consume so much fuel? Most of them release massive CO2 emissions to the surroundings. Some states never recover from the damage to their water treatment plants. People have to switch to domestic generators after the damage to their electrical systems. Vehicle movement from war trucks can cause bad roads in communities.

Effect on the Planet (Ecosystem)

The Chemical Weapons Convention has strict rules against chemical defoliants. These rules do not reduce the long-term effect on the ecosystem. We need world peace to reduce ozone depletion and global warming. Large-scale emissions of these chemicals affect the planet. These factors cause irregularities in the temperature balance of the earth. We might not have an inhabitable habitat if there is no world peace.

Teachers teach subjects around ozone depletion in every university. Studying about global warming helps every student to understand how the environment works. The emissions from chemical war residue affect the planet. We can have crop and groundwater contamination on a large scale. Chemical plants are at higher risk during war breakouts. They, in turn, cause long-term effects on our ozone layer.

Breaking Homes & Culture

Breaking Homes & Culture

We cannot quantify the impact of conflicts on families and homes. Children have to go through different phases of mental instability. Parents trying to explain to their children the things going on around them. Students can no longer worry about grades or any course exam. Every school in the state would have to close up indefinitely. Conflicts break homes, families, and cultures.

Affecting the Global Economy

Unity brings togetherness even when finance is a concern. The world bank bleeds billions of dollars in refugee funds annually. Funding that can go into other benefiting projects affecting lives. Every student needs to write an essay on “War and the Global Economy.” Only then can we teach the young minds the unsaid truth about our systems. World peace can help us avert the global economy issue we face today.


There are no formulas to bring about world peace. It starts with the actions we take as small communities. Actions against cultural and racial conflicts. Learning to see people more as human beings than rivals. We are first humans before people of culture or race. World peace helps to bring about the unity needed to change.

The conflict has several effects on the environment and ecosystem. It may sometimes take countries years to recover from post-war events. This, in the long run, would affect its GDP and growth rate. It might be difficult to put aside some of our differences. Nonetheless, that’s the only way to co-exist in a world of peace.

There are no mathematics calculations or integrals to living peacefully. It begins with YOU!

War and peace start in the hearts of individuals.

Pema Chödrön

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