Modern Christians: Tips On How To Find Love In Christian Dating Sites

Modern Christians: Tips On How To Find Love In Christian Dating Sites

Modern Christians: Tips On How To Find Love In Christian Dating Sites

Tips On How To Find Love In Christian Dating Sites

Modern Christians: Tips On How To Find Love In Christian Dating Sites

Christianity has been there since antiquity, and believed that finding true love always falls in the hands of God. By this, they solely rely on faith rather than looking for their partner themselves. But times have changed since then, and there are a whole lot of ways of finding love. Christianity did not dwindle with their faiths; instead, it evolved and adapted to modern society today!

Nowadays, finding love was made easy through technology. There are now dating websites and apps that let you talk to a stranger in hopes of finding love. Young adults mostly use the sites, about 48% in ages 18- 29 years old, of any race, sexual orientation, and beliefs, Christians included! There are now dating sites circulating the World Wide Web that focus on pairing up with Christians.

Of course, the community has its own set of rules and vows to follow. Hence, they designed a dating site specifically for them!

With that said, I am here to give you some tips on finding your “right” one through the website. Whether or not you are a Christian, this would help you learn what you have to know about dating a Christian and what they expect when dating you. And so, I divided them into two categories: Tips for you before finding true love and tips for finding your true love on a dating site.

Tips For You Before Finding True Love

Looking for the right one is difficult, especially when you do not know who you are destined to be together. So before looking for one, there should be some preparations you need to consider. This part will focus on those preparations and what you need to learn about yourself. Take these tips by heart, as these will affect your relationship for a lifetime!

1. Be The Right One For The Right One

One thing Christians believe is being paired with the “right” person. How would they find out they are dating that person? Well, many thought that they only know by having faith in them. But trust me, it is deeper than that. Being the right person means you fit well with your partner like you felt you both are destined to be together, bonded by an invisible string connecting you.

However, this could be tricky as sometimes, maybe your partner is the right one for you, but you are not the right one for them. This is the time when you have to prepare yourself as an individual. Learn about yourself, your wants, and your goals in life. Being the right person ultimately meant being the best version you could ever be for your future partner.

With this, not only will you have a strong connection between you and your partner, you will find peace with them and within yourself. So, before looking for the right person, become the right person for them.

2. Strong Commitment

How committed are you? Will you date with the intention of marrying? Answer these questions within yourself before looking for your pair. If you answer yes, but has a weak resolve, you will find it challenging to be in a relationship and maintain it. There are many hardships throughout life, and Christians are aware of their trials imposed on them in everyday life.

Of course, there would come a time where you will find yourself sitting down and staring at the ground with your partner staring with you, unsure if your relationship will still work out. Would you take up that challenge? Would you be willing to take steel yourself and bear with the pain, but stay committed to your partner?

Commitment is the will of you and your pair to stay together. With a weak heart, your relationship with them would shatter like a glass hitting the hard floor. So a tip for you, prepare yourself enough to bear the struggles of commitment. If your relationship with them still ended even with so much effort, respect it.

3. Respect

I want to give you a tip about two kinds of respect, and they are self-respect and respect for your partner. Self-respect may sound a bit self-centered, but as an individual, you have to take care of yourself to last in a relationship. Imagine a relationship without you giving boundaries? What would you think will happen to you?

There would be a possibility that your partner might take advantage of you or maybe exploit your weak spots when you two fight. Without respect, there will be disaster between you two, which would often end up in an unhealthy relationship.

So practice self-respect, and at the same time, respect for others as this will help you find who truly you are destined for and have a lasting relationship with them. If you are not a Christian, but your partner is, respect will take a huge role as they have their faith in the Supreme Being, God.

Tips To Follow When Looking For Love In Christian Dating Websites

Tips To Follow When Looking For Love In Christian Dating Websites

Tips To Follow When Looking For Love In Christian Dating Websites

Now that you have prepared yourself for your partner, it is now time to look for them. There are many Christian dating sites for finding love online, so you could take advantage of these sites and perhaps stumble on the right person! But wait, how would you know it’s true love? Below are tips for finding it when browsing through the site!

1. God First, Then You

Most of the Christians you would encounter are devoted to him as the Supreme Being. Finding your true love on a densely populated website would be tricky, but one thing you should always seek out in a potential mate. They are a person who prioritizes their faith in God above you. That does not mean they don’t have the same affection towards you as you have towards them. Instead, they are even more affectionate than you think!

This person would pray for you, for your health and welfare. They are passionate about God and trust me, and they are passionate towards you as well. You may not be the top priority, but you are loved greater than you thought you would be, and I guarantee you, you will be well-taken care of.

2. They Reflect You

Metaphorically speaking, they reflect you as a person—your set of values, maturity, attitude, etc. But of course, it doesn’t have to be perfect, most of them reflect you. Their mimicry of you is an important indicator when looking for the “right” person you seek out for. You will know if they are indeed the right ones once you get to know them better.

The “right” one is frequently referred to as soulmates, and there are many signs in finding them. So aside from them reflecting on you, one example of it is meeting your soulmate at the best “timing”. Christians often quote “In God’s timing,” meaning, the beholder of time specifically puts a specific event that is destined to occur in your lifetime.

3. They Respect You

We tackled the topic of respect a while ago, focusing on your respect towards yourself and towards others. Now, the right person will also do the same; they will respect you. They will respect your beliefs if they have other Christian faith since there are many religions, and they would also not involve themselves in arguing with you against your faith.

They would also respect your time for yourself, your decisions, your hobbies, and most importantly, they respect your values and traditions. One of the core values of true love, in general, is having respect for you and your partner.

4. They Are Looking For You

The person might also be looking for the right partner on the dating site. They always said coincidences are God’s disguised timing, and if you’re lucky enough, you might not have to look for them hard. Additionally, if they believe that they become the best version of themselves like you and are finally looking for a partner to marry them, chances are, you did find your partner. Of course, getting to know them better is still a must to prevent marriage disaster and divorce! Good luck out there, and God bless!

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