My name is Wen Guang, I have Autism

My name is Wen Guang, I have Autism

Just come across this video in Facebook, shot in Malaysia, about Autism which I would like to share with you. According to Wikipedia, although there is no known cure to autism, there have been reported cases of children who recovered. And as the message in the video, I believe that if we are patient with autistic children, we can discover their strength and the keys to their lives; they too, will Shine and become successful in life. A good reminder to all of us.

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4 thoughts on “My name is Wen Guang, I have Autism

  1. Hilary

    Hi BK .. that is so true – if we can let their own character shine through, they will show us so much.

    There’s a TED talk by Temple Grandin, who has autism and is now highly respected. Her mother nurtured her .. she’s now 64 .. her Wiki bio gives an overview.

    I must come back and watch the video .. thanks for sharing .. Hilary

  2. chunson

    perhaps there is less wrong with the austistic but more wrong with us for not being able to have the patience or character to accept anybody different from our ‘ perceived’ normal. :p recover from autism if such a sad thing to say.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Chunson, I agree with you that there is less wrong with the autistic but more wrong with us; if all of us can be more patient and can have a bigger heart to accept all unconditionally.