Love Actually … is all in the Mind

Love Actually … is all in the Mind

How often have you heard people saying, “Love is blind?” Is love really blind or does it just cloud your mind and prevent you from seeing things clearly?

Apparently scientists did not take that saying lightly. They have shown that love and desire actually start from above the neck, and not below the belt, according to a newspaper report that I read recently. In the same report, it stated that brain scan studies have shown that character judgment is impaired when a person is in love.

In one study published in August, neurobiologist Semir Zeki from the University College of London found that when people see a pleasing image, part of their brains hums with activity.

As part of the study, 18 Japanese volunteers were shown almost 150 pictures, which include former Japanese premier Junichiro Koizumi, a mobile phone and ice cream. The images were designed to stimulate their sense of desire – though not necessarily of the sexual kind – while Professor Zeki examined scans of their brains.

Findings showed that the brain sparked to life when confronted with the pictures. Pleasurable or undesirable stimuli, like attractive or ugly faces, generated almost the same response while neutral stimuli, such as inanimate objects, did not. The study certainly shed some light on one of the greatest mysteries to man.

In so speaking, is there a switch or button in the brain where we can turn on or push it to attract the person we want to attract? And in the case of many who become ‘blind’ to all the things that their loved ones did.

“Love is not blind, “It sees more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less.” – Will Moss

I couldn’t have put it better than Will Moss. Do you agree with what Will Moss said? I agree with what Will Moss said and with that we should be seeing more of our loved ones and yet at the same time be willing to see less. We should be more loving to our loved ones, be more patience, more understanding and less haste to criticize.

Have you been in a situation before where you were ‘blinded’ by love? Or because of love, you choose to see less?

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18 thoughts on “Love Actually … is all in the Mind

  1. mspennylane

    I think everyone must have been in that situation at some time or other. I have, especially when thinking about breaking up with someone. It just completely makes you see what you want of that person. Though I think there are also times when this is a good thing, it sort of sounds a bit like unconditional love in some cases to me.

  2. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ mspennylane, yes, I do believe that most people would have been in that situation before. There is good and bad in this situation. Sometimes, it prevents one from seeing the fact that their loved ones is hurting them and taking advantages of them. And yet, it can make one more patience, more understanding to one’s loved ones. The question here is, “are we striking a balance of patience and understanding with condoning the bad things that our loved ones did?” Unconditional love, I believe, is not in condoning the bad things that one’s loved ones did, but in speaking up and letting our loved ones know that they did wrong too. The challenge is seeing the misdeed and speaking up.

  3. Natural

    that was a great quote by Moss. I like to say that love is not an emotion but an action. Love moves you to act or it should. 🙂

    Have I been blinded by love. Uh yeah, haven’t recovered yet. Love is forever, no? Maybe like goes out the door.

    Yes we should be more patient too with our loved ones. Not always easy under all circumstances, especially when they are pushing the wrong buttons.

  4. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Natural, that certainly is a great quote; much that I can learn from the quote. I agree with you on the point that love is an action. Personally for me, I am not someone who is good with words; most of the time my love can be seen through the things that I do. However, nowadays, I have also learnt to be more expressive through words.

  5. Tammy Warren

    What a wonderful quote. I do believe that we can be blinded and sometimes we want love to be when it really is not. We don’t speak up and let the other person know what is bothering us. In some ways, we change what we stand for in order to keep what we are in love with. In the end, we end up changing ourselves and then losing ourselves. A terrible circle. Then, we pick ourselves back up and start again. I believe we have to accept certain bad things that we might not like in our partner but…we do not have to live in a situation that is not good mentally or physically.

  6. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Tammy, there certainly has to be a balance that we have to strike in between; accepting the bad things about the people we loved and yet standing for what we are and not losing ourselves. The challenge is striking the balance of course. And I totally agree with you on the part of the vicious cycle and that we do not have to live in a situation that is not good mentally or physically.

  7. Mr Javo

    I have a mind of a scientist, I’m studying Engineering and I think that love and all that kind of senses are results of certain stimulus in our brains. I agree with him, the mind is the most powerful thing ever.

  8. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Mr. Javo I have a logical mind which tends to the scientist side too. However, whether it is due to certain stimulus or not, I believe that because of love, we tend to see more and yet choose to ‘overlook’ to certain extent. The challenge is to strike a balance between seeing and ‘overlooking.’ Perhaps, that is the time when the logical mind would need to stand in.

  9. A Grateful Heart

    I definitely agree with Will Moss…. the virtue of love is not measured on how much you love a person becuase he is lovable but how much you love a person on times when he is most unlovable…just my 2 cents…

  10. betchai

    “Love is not blind – It sees more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less.” – Will Moss

    Very true! Love understands and is patient, and yes, it is all in the mind. I am not in the medical profession, but I always believe that our heart pumps faster [when we were young when we see our crush 🙂 ] because our brain works harder or our brain gets excited.

    betchais last blog post..Oceanside Sunset

  11. Ben

    How interesting. Love is blind. Who would have thought there would actually have been a study done from that saying. Will Moss seems like a very smart individual.