Wordless Wednesday: Kindness

Wordless Wednesday: Kindness

My entry for this week Wordless Wednesday is a meaningful short video titled ‘Kindness,’ which is a collaboration between writer Amy Krouse Rosenthal and the Toronto-based design firm Thought Bubble. Before playing the video, you may like to pause it to let it finishes loading up first.

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63 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Kindness

  1. mariposa

    Oh i love the video. for 4 minutes and 3 seconds, i learned a lot! thank you for sharing that wonderful video. and i think, i’m gonna share that video to my friends as well. 😉

    Happy WW!

    Mariposa’s WW

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Harvee, thank you.

      @ Mariposa, I love the video too. When I saw it yesterday, I knew immediately that I had to share with all of you the message in the video. Kindness is really important and is a value that will truly change how the world ticks. Please do share the video with your friends; I’m sure it will benefit them too.

      @ Full-Time Mummy, thank you for dropping by too.

  2. kate/high altitude gardening

    That worked! As in leaving me SPEECHLESS.

    Which, I guess, is at the heart of Wordless Wednesday, isn’t it? This is so marvelous.

    I would love to put this on my blog and share it with other readers. If you’d be ok with that, please send me a note, BK. I would, of course, credit you with linky dinks and all that jazz. Very cool. Thanks for this one. 🙂

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Secret Mom Thoughts, I absolutely agree with you that that Kindness is so important.

      @ Kate, thank you. Do feel free to share this with other readers. I’m sure it will benefit them too. This video is meant to be shared and to act as a gentle reminder for us to be a little kinder in our daily life. Glad that you have enjoyed this video. Have a great evening.

      @ One Love Mama, yes, pass it along too. :o)

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ This Belle Rocks, indeed, this video does get us on a reflective mood.

      @ Pamela, glad that you love this video. Happy WW too.

      @ Mallorey, glad that you have enjoyed the video. Thank you.

      @ Amy, thank you for stopping by too.

      @ Annie, very true, kindness is very much needed.

  3. David

    Very cool video. It’s always important, from time to time, to ask the question, “Is this how you want to be remembered?” Good reminder. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ David, yes, that is a good reminder for ourselves from time to time.

      @ Meleah, wise people think alike. :o)

      @ Mark, glad that this video made you smile. Yes, the ending was sweet and just a little unexpected.

  4. Karen

    This was exactly the topic that I was going to talk about as my next post.

    Close to a week ago my famiy and I were treated and given by a random man an act both of generosity and kindness that left my kids absouletly speechless and sort of confused at the same time as they have never seen anyone do something like this for us.

    We were so grateful and in shock on this night.
    It’s a rare thing for us but something that my family and I will never forget.

    *Didn’t want to give too much info away as this will be an upcoming post 😉

    An awesome reminder to us all and a great message for WW!

    Much Luv,

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Kristi, thank you for dropping by too. Have a great day.

      @ Karen, great! Will be looking forward to read what you will be writing. :o)

      @ Pam, I totally agree with you that kindness is very important in life.

      @ Mizhelle, you are most welcome :o)

      @ Calico, I agree, the video on kindness is indeed thought provoking.

      @ WeeShenanigans, that is what I hope so too that more people would be kind.

  5. ~Melody @ 6 Feet Over~

    For some reason the video wouldn’t work for me, but I can tell you that kindness is so underrated by most people. The same people who complain that this world is a mean place, return the meanness with unkind actions.

    The key to spreading kindness…being kind when it’s not easy. That’s contagious.

    Happy WW and thanks for coming by my 1st WW! This is fun!

    .-= ~Melody @ 6 Feet Over~´s last blog ..#30 ~ Being a follower is underrated. (and a few clues) =-.

  6. Sukhmandir Kaur

    I like the ending finally a video worth watching 🙂
    Thanks we call kindness kirpaa. Practice being kind it feels good.
    Research says little baby’s like to help seems kindness is inherent in our nature. But like anything we want to flourish needs to be nurtured the great thing about kindness is that it has a way of reducing negative effects and is self perpetuating. Great WW Thank you!

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Melody, the same video may not work for everyone and that is normal. You have made an excellent point “The key to spreading kindness … being kind when it’s not easy.” There are bound to be time when we are greeted by mean people and the mean things they have done. And yet it is during such times that we have even more reasons to show them kindness. And kindness is indeed contagious.

      @ Sukhmandir, I agree with you that practicing being kind surely makes one feels good. We certainly need to nurture the kindness in children and before that we must nurture the kindness in ourselves first. Kindness is definite a way to reduce negative effects and the wonderful thing about kindness is it perpetuates itself.

      @ Nicole, I certainly hope more people would live by it too.

  7. selfsagacity

    It’s an awesome post. Great reminders for all of us. Unfortunately the ones that needed it most probably are not watching, but I will certainly do my part to spread the word! And hope that this kindness video get to those people who REALLY need to see it. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful act of humanity.
    .-= selfsagacity´s last blog ..Watch Me – Wash Me =-.

  8. Belinda Munoz + The Halfway Point

    Delightful! I remember strangers who have shown me kindness, even when I didn’t know their names or could barely recall their faces.

    What’s great about kindness (and I suppose other equally noble things, too) is the more of it one shows others, the more of it one attracts.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Sue, yes, now that you mentioned, I do remember that song “Hands” by Jewel. I was listening to it back in around 2000 (if I remember correctly). And the part “only kindness matters” sure continues to echo long after the song ends.

      @ Icy BC, kindness is something which we all should be practicing every day. Glad that you are a positive generator of kindness. I believe the people around you are blessed with your kindness acts.

      @ Sarah, I really do believe that the world would be heaven if all people can practice kindness. As one of the commenters mentioned, kindness is contagious and it will just spread.

      @ Selfsagacity, sadly, I have to agree with you that the ones that needed it most probably are not watching. And I do hope that this kindness video will get to people who REALLY need to see it. What I also believe as one of the commenters had mentioned that the hardest kindness act is to be kind even to those who are mean or when you don’t receive kindness. If we can challenge ourselves to be kind to even the meanest person or act, then there is hope that one day kindness will reach, indirectly, even to those who REALLY need to see this video.

      @ Cafe au lait, Modern Mom, Simply Delicious, Maria, thank you all for dropping by and glad that you have all liked this Kindness video I had shared.

      @ Belinda, when I read your comment, I tried to recall some of the kindness I received from strangers before and true enough, they surfaced up. And the fact is, I don’t remember their names or even their faces. However, their acts of kindness still continue to echo and this sorts of positively influence me to pay it forward too. Indeed, like the Newton’s Third Law, action and reaction, kindness will always come back to us.

  9. Christina (Ume)

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog (and sorry for the late reply on the WW! But better late than never <3)

    The video was very sweet. My favorite was the prescription for Less CNN, More Mozart. I think we could all follow this advice now and again. <3
    .-= Christina (Ume)´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday #6 =-.

    1. Symphony of Love Post author

      @ Dexter, your are most welcome. Glad that you find this an excellent share.

      @ Karen, no worry about being late. Have a great weekend too.

      @ Christina, you are most welcome and no worry about the late reply. Indeed, less CNN. :o)