Is Money the Root of all Evil?

Is Money the Root of all Evil?

Have you heard of this before, “we should love people and use money rather than the reverse?” The first time I came across this perspective was about 3 years ago when I was reading the book ‘You were Born Rich’ by Bob Proctor. I have always remembered this important point ever since. Money is important, at least for any person living in a civilized society. However, we must understand as mentioned earlier that ‘we should love people and use money rather than the reverse.’ I totally agree with this!

Bob Proctor said in his book that money is a servant and we its masters. This is probably what led to the famous saying, “Money is the root to all evil!” Is there any truth to this? Some people would have agreed with it. If money is not the root of all evil, why had it caused so many people to kill, to rob, to cheat and even to betray loved ones for it. All evidences ‘appear’ to support that point. If money is guilty, it should have been hung or locked up for life. Money may have indirectly caused all the heinous crimes but it is definitely not to be blamed. If I may have your permission, I would say, “it is the greed for money that is the root of all evil.

Money by itself is a neutral medium, it does not know how to perform good or bad deed and it certainly do not know how to differentiate right or wrong. It is the one who holds the money that determines the fate of the money. The money, in the hands of philanthropists, would be put to building schools, hospitals, cancer researches and in any possible ways to increase the well-being of humankind. More often than not, their actions created positive changes in the lives of many … even long after they themselves left the world.

In 2005 alone, Oprah Winfrey donated $52 million dollars to charitable organizations and functions. For publicity? Some may say. But I seriously think otherwise, not that I have known her personally. She could have kept it all for her own use but she chose to give it away to people who don’t have as much. That is certainly a commendable act!

According to Fortune Magazine, “Warren Buffett has pledged to gradually give 85% of his Berkshire stock to five foundations. A dominant five – sixths of the shares will go to the world’s largest philanthropic organization, the $30 billion Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who activities, internationally famous, are focused on world health — fighting such diseases as malaria, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis — and on improving U.S. libraries and high schools.” What can we say about that?

If you run a search for Philanthropist in Google, you can end up with a list that just goes on and on. I believe you would have come across many people around you who are donating or giving to charities. You could have already been a regular contributor to a certain charity too. Remembering that we should always love people and use money — wisely. Money’s worth is determined by one who holds it.

Quoting from Auntie Joyce of Sir Richard Branson, “what’s money for anyway? It’s to make things happen.” That cannot be more true! Money can be a powerful force, when employed by the right people, to do good that go way beyond its worth. However, just in case that you are thinking right now that one can only do good if one is rich, think again. There is no need for one to be rich to do good. Doing good can be as simple as to consciously remind oneself to do no harm to others and that costs nothing. One can change the world, even if in a small way.

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6 thoughts on “Is Money the Root of all Evil?

  1. Sherxr

    Money is not evil. Money can come in any form. And still humans will do anything to get more of it.
    Human greed is insatiable! That’s evil!

  2. Symphony of Love Post author

    Sher, I can’t agree more with you. You are definitely right and that is the reason why I wrote, “It is the greed for money that is the root of all evil.” Thanks for collaborating on the thought! 🙂

  3. a simple life

    sherxr is right, money is not evil, it depends on how you use it. i just want to share with you guys what my mom always tells us when we talk about money “you put the money in your pocket, not in your head”.

    have a great weekend bk 🙂

  4. Symphony of Love Post author

    Liza, thanks for dropping by. I like what you shared from your mother. She certainly is a wise woman to say, “You put money in your pocket, not in your head.” I totally agree with it.

    Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂