5 Ways to Create a Positive Workplace Atmosphere

5 Ways to Create a Positive Workplace Atmosphere

This is something which I read that not only can improve the relationship in the workplace, I believe it can also make the workplace a much better place to work in. If everyone in the workplace is positive and forward looking, then the company will have a powerful team.

Creating a positive atmosphere is a leadership quality you can develop. You can be a one-person positive energy creator at your workplace, organization, or school.

Anyone can do this.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in management or an employee.

When you do things to create a positive atmosphere, you are displaying leadership skills that upper management will notice.

No matter how negative the people are at your workplace, you still have control over the most important thing – your own attitude.

A positive attitude creates positive energy for both the giver and receiver. Just like you cannot see the wind, but you can see the results, you cannot see the positive energy, but you can see the results in yourself and in the people you work with.

The following are 5 things you can do -today- to create a positive attitude in your workplace.

1. Greet everyone today with an enthusiastic “Hello” and a smile and good eye contact. You will get some smiles back creating a positive connection, and positive energy.

2. End every phone call and email with, “Have a great day.” Your positive energy will come across, and both of you will feel energized.

3. Give everyone a compliment. It’s easiest to say something nice about what they are wearing. Even better, think of a personality quality that you can compliment someone for, such as: “You are so …”creative, detail oriented, dependable, etc”… that it makes my day so much more …”pleasant, exciting, enjoyable,” etc.”

4. Bake some chocolate chip cookies and pass them out. Homemade cookies say, “I cared enough to take the time to make them.” However, they are easy to bake because you can get the pre-mixed ones in squares at the grocery store, pop them in the oven, and in a few minutes you have a delicious cookie.

5. Good news energizes. Download the “Good News Form” on our web. It is our gift to you. Write some good news about something at work on it, and post it for all to see, or give it to your supervisor, CEO, school principal etc.

Try this for a week, and let me know your results. We love to get feedback.

By Harriet Meyerson, a Speaker, Author and Coach

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