Love Notes

Leaving a note for her to find somewhere in the house letting her know that when you get home tonight you are going to give her the biggest hug and kiss she has ever gotten in her life. Do exactly that as soon as you get home and make it dramatic. She’ll be looking forward to it all day long and if the whole silly thing gets both of you laughing together, better still.

Another fun thing to do is to hide the letters you write in places where they can be found easily and yet still be an unexpected surprise. Places like purses, wallets, lunch boxes, coat pockets, and taped to bathroom mirrors can make the whole thing all the more enjoyable. In fact, one fellow I know told me that his lady left the words “I love you!” written in lipstick in large cursive writing across the full length of their bathroom mirror one day. It may not have qualified as a letter, but as a note it certainly said it all in a very fun and whimsical way.

Furthermore, once you get into it, you might find yourself coming up with all kinds of wonderfully outlandish ways to convey your love in written words. Take for example the guy who led his lady to the window of their two-story home for that overlooked their back yard. There, in the snow, he had written out these words from an old familiar song, “As long as you love me so, let it snow, let it snow.” He went on to tell me that she decided to keep him in the bedroom for a while longer. It worked (at least, from his male point of view).

Once more, the computer is a great way to leave love notes where they can be found as long as both of you use them. Send an e-mail from the office computer to your home pc address. Or, write one out and leave it under the screensaver for him or her to find when they go to use it. Also, such things as free electric or virtual greeting cards are available at numerous web sites (see the ‘e-greeting cards’ button to the left) as most allow you to compose and include a short note on them.

The point is, have a few laughs with your notes and letters.  Don’t feel like they have to always be serious. It’s good to have some plain old fun with your love note writing, too. Enjoy it. Bringing a smile is just as good as drawing a tear.

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