Mom, I Graduated Today!

Today, I caught a friend online and chatted with her for a while. She has been ‘missing’ for quite a while and I was just wondering what happened to her. I gave her a buzz and asked how she was doing. She said she was tired as she just got home and her eyes felt heavy. The last time I had spoken to her, she was telling me that she had some projects going on and that why she was busy and did not come online. And so I thought she has just gotten home from work too.

“Janus graduated today! And he got 3 awards for best in Science and being word smart and nature smart! I am so proud of him!” I can almost see the excitement in her face. It was like hearing her ‘screaming’ through the instant messages. “I’m proud of him too. Janus is so smart!” I ‘shouted’ back through the instant message’s window. What can I say, positive energy sure is contagious!

They had just gotten back from a simple celebration. I saw the personalize message alongside with her nick that said ‘upset’ and I asked her, “What’s wrong? Why are you upset?” She told me that she cried today because she was sharing her story. Up to now, you might be saying, “So it’s a graduation. What is the big deal?” Janus is a special child; meaning a child with special needs. Children with special needs may have mild learning disabilities or profound mental retardation; food allergies or terminal illness; developmental delays that catch up quickly or remain entrenched; occasional panic attacks or serious psychiatric problems.

According to my friend, Janus has gotten motor skill challenges (I am not too sure if this is a correct term to use) which means that he has some challenges in movement. For example, it is difficult for him to stand for too long. Besides that, he has challenge in speaking normally too. In so speaking, Janus has to go through therapy program everyday to help him to cope with his daily life. Other than that, he is just like any other kids who has his dreams too. He loves car of any kinds and drew numerous picture of cars. And his mother told me that he is a ‘cupboard monster,’ who sometimes messes up the cupboard. I have to agree with that as I had personally seen him doing that.

I asked my friend why she cried when she shared her story? She said that in her speech to the other parents, she told them that even though Janus is a special child, she has never felt ashamed or embarrass whenever she was out with Janus. She has always been proud of him. Come to think of it, throughout the period that I have known her, I have never never heard her complaining or saying a bad things about Janus before; when she spoke of Janus, she is always excited and proud. She shared in the speech that there were times when they were in the mall and people would just tease Janus or poke fun at him or laugh at him and some of them would even follow them just to see Janus’s movements. She said, “Despite that, I am still proud of Janus and I have never thought of hiding him up.” To that, she thanked the people in the school for accepting Janus for who he is and nothing less.

“Janus is really special to me and I know that someday he will achieve what he wants. He has one thing that the others don’t have.” She said. I waited for her to carry on. “Janus is willing to make it better. Although he has challenges in movement, he never failed to practice everyday.” She proudly said. And she told me that she must congratulate her son too because one of Janus’s dreams was to be promoted to Grade 1. She shared that last year Janus was not able to make it because he had challenge in writing. She is thankful that he is alright now.

At this point, she was already crying and on seeing that, Janus said through the microphone, “I love you, Mami.” There were a moment of silence in the hall and she could see some people were crying too. And do you know why she is so proud with Janus? Although Janus has difficulty standing, he stood throughout the whole period when she was speaking! He made it!

And just a moment ago while I was chatting with her, she asked Janus, “Why didn’t you cry just now?” Guess what he said? “Because I controlled my emotion.” Was it my vision failing me or was it raining …

I must say, I am not only proud of Janus, but I am also very proud of my friend! Truly a classic example of unconditional love.

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15 thoughts on “Mom, I Graduated Today!

  1. Fatima Levi

    My name iS Fatima from Africa and a care taker of 2 special need children Tara just turned 16 and her brother Connor is 12 and you would love them as children are special gifts from God, these children are very well behaved and love me unconditional as much as they feel love from me, please excuse my english,Tara wants to go to college someday and i pray she do.I am very proud of courage to do more even than nomal kids, their parents are the best so let your friend know that she is doing a very very good job with Janus as she must be a special mother to go thro it all and thank you for also being a special friend as we all need each other in this world.Wishing everyone with special needs children the love,courage and blessing to make each day special.Thank—Tima as my special needs kids call me.

  2. Symphony of Love Post author

    Hi Tima, many many thanks for sharing your experience. You are certainly right, children are special gifts from God. I will let my friend know of your kind words. And what I can say is that you are also doing an excellent job taking care of Tara and Connor. I too, wish goodness in the lives of Tara and her brother Connor. Thank you Tima!

  3. Muhammad Masry (King Tut)

    Salam, dear special people
    I’m from Egypt, and I have polio in my right leg, since 1956. I saw all sweet mothers of the world in my mother, an angel who suffered a lot from a cruel husband and a couple of other kids to look after, beside me. Now I work as an IT analyst, in a steelmaking Japanese company, and I do help some NGO’s working with special orphans, and another NGO for environmental protection. I translate and publish alternative health subjects and technological risks of todays’ world, especially on kids. All that energy came from being a special kid, and I do thank God for that gift.
    If I’m allowed to talk spiritually, I’d tell some of merits of being a special kid in Islam. Those kids are considered the reason why rain still falls ? why crops still grow ? why earth is still blessed by Allah? Becasue special kids are still on earth and they can’t depend on their own, so heavens send them their needs through surrounding people. And in paradise, they will be the highest rewarded among all creatures, even above angels and eaqual to prophets, enjoying the unimagined , the nearest to God himself, the most honored and blessed, just because they suffered patiently enough in today’s world, so the unlimited joy will be theirs in eternity, with their loving carers, of course.
    With such veiw in minds, how can anyone of them or their families can be really hurt…?

  4. Symphony of Love Post author

    Hi Muhammad Masry, thanks for sharing from a very refreshing point of view about special kids. And you are right, with such view in mind, anyone of them or their families can never be really hurt.

  5. Symphony of Love Post author

    With permission to share from a reader of Symphony of Love:

    Oh my I did have to go and read the whole story and I brings me to tears, Happy ones, I have no idea who your friend is but tell her thanks for me, I say this because, Well this is hard but she has touched me, I have 4 children and they have no disabilites and I should let them know how proud I am of them which I do not do often. Your friend sounds to be a very good and loving mother. And I think that she just taught me to just love and share my children, I do love them but this story has just hit my heart, Thanks for sharing, Liz

  6. earthlingorgeous

    This is so touching…that was truly an achievement for your friend to graduate, specially for someone with that condition, I am more proud of the parents for bearing and taking care of their childs needs.

    Thanks for sharing this story it’s really touching πŸ™‚ Nice blog btw πŸ™‚

  7. kai

    wish our story can be an inspiration to ur children godbless us all..thnks my dear friend.

  8. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Kai, thank you for dropping by. I have been wanting you to read the comments that others left for you. Your story has definitely been an inspiration to all. You are always welcome my dear friend πŸ™‚

  9. cherry

    Hi, thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I’m actually very lucky to have MG as a child. She brings happiness to our family every single day. I couldn’t really ask for anything more. God has blessed us with an angel.

    I know what your friend must have felt when her son received all these awards. My kid also received 3 smiley face stamps on her hand for identifying all the objects her teacher asked her to. It may seem so simple for others. But it’s a big achievement for me as a parent. I love her truly. =)

    cherrys last blog post..dailies: the making of a work-at-mom part deux

  10. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Cherry, I truly believe that MG is an angel πŸ™‚

    You are right on the point that what seems simple to others is a great achievement for you and even to my friend and her son.

  11. Symphony of Love Post author

    @ Karlynn, yes, she is always positive about her son. I am so proud of her and her son. He is always excited to share his drawing and his favorite so far is cars like most boys. πŸ™‚