Be Open To Possibilities

Reading this article reminds me of a quotation, “Challenges are not there in our lives to stop us but to help us grow.” I have always used this quotation to motivate others and myself especially when there are challenges in our lives. I still remembered the time when I was there in Philippines, for a business venture, on my own; when I was first being ask to conduct a presentation to a group of audiences, it was a truly terrifying experience.

Public speaking is one of the fears of most people and I am no exception. During that time, I had thought of putting off this terrifying experience. However, on the other hand, a thought comes across my mind, “there will never be a time when I will be totally ready to do something. To be ready, I have to make myself go through it.” And so I did it. From that first terrifying experience, I went on with many other presentation both to group as big as 50-60 and to individual. Come to think of it now, I am fortunate to be given the challenge.

When you imagine your future, do you see unlimited potential or do you see a lack of opportunities? Almost everyday, we are overrun by bad news, bleak outlooks, and people who complain about how miserable their lives are. In such a climate, it’s no small task remaining upbeat and optimistic. But it is precisely that kind of positive attitude that will open your eyes to the opportunities that are always present.

Many of the circumstances appear to block us only because of the assumptions we make. In other words, if we colour our view of the world with negative energy, our behaviour towards it will appear to elicit an unfavourable response. If you look at your environment through cracked and grimy glasses, you won’t see a pretty picture.

When you participate in negative dialogue, either with yourself or with others, you are setting yourself up for failure. It’s almost as if there’s an instinct to prove oneself right, and if you think things will turn out badly, your thoughts and action will contribute to that result. When you retreat from a world you perceive as grim, you’re closing yourself off to the possibilities.

But what happens if you remain open to the possibilities? When you view the world from a perspective of unlimited potential, your attitude will shift. So will the way you engage your employees, customers, friends and family; everyone you come into contact with.

You will project an image of abundance, and your drive and hope will inspire those around you. You will become a motivating force in a climate of openness and courage, a climate that gives back to you just as much, if not more, than what you gave to create it.

When we’re open to possibilities, we see further and are more inclined to take risks. Risks that may not always yield the results we want, but which create more paths towards our goals. You’re only a failure if you stop trying. Because opportunities for success are limitless – when one doesn’t pay off the way you imagined, there’s always the next, and the next. One of them will be the one to catapult you forward, and it could just be the next one.

Being open means that you have to stand confident in the realm of possibilities – no matter the competition and no matter your fear. If your entire focus is on what your competitors are doing, your attitude will be passed on to your employees, and, ultimately, your clients.

But if you focus on what you do best and how to better satisfy your clients and engage with them in new and powerful ways, your results will be quite different!

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2 thoughts on “Be Open To Possibilities

  1. peter

    While I agree that being around negativity all the time,especially in the world today,I try to remember that negativity is just the other side of positive outlooks. Use the negetive energy and reversing it into a positive is something I’ve been trying to do with varying degrees of success and failure.
    My story is very simple.
    Several years ago,while seperted from my wife I met someone whose energy and smile instantly lit up my world. While developing our friendship(and quietly tying to suppress mydeeper feelings) love bloomed.
    Now this next part will only be understood by the lucky few who have ever found unconditional and complete love with a soul mate.
    We had our ups and downs and continued to successfully work through them together.
    But alas,I had to leave her to return to my home for fear of my sons safe being.
    My ego thought she would always be there and instead of taking her advice(which of course ended up being right)I left and destroyed the most beautiful love of my life.I lost her trust,broke her heart and now after trying to win her back receive absolutely no chance.
    Everything I ever saw in her then is magnified now by her self realizations which has made me more in love with her and love her more which makes the loss even more diffucult.
    The point is,live each moment now,do not ever take anyone or thing for granted and never stop showing your love and appreciation to them.
    Rori, is truly one of those special people you generally only read about but which I had the amazing fortune to have loved me.
    Don’t stop looking forward and apprecaite all that you have now.
    As I will always be thankful for her love and will always love her. Don’t wait or assume you’ll get a second chance for you may not!