Mission of Symphony of Love
Inspiring Love and Peace through Understanding

Through this website and through this blog, I aspire to keep everything loving so that for one who is loved, he/she will feel more love and for those who are hurting, to find a little comfort over here. And may they find the courage to let go and move on in their lives; we can’t start a new life if we keep holding back to the past.

I also want to keep everything as inspiring as possible to continue to inspire the change in others through mastery of myself and my changes.

Through Symphony of Love, I aspire to create tremendous value in the Universe and bring peace in the Universe through Love and Inspiration and most importantly through peace in myself.

I received some of the stories posted here through email and would love to give credit where it is due. Please let me know if any stories violate any Copyright issue. I will stop posting it. Hope you’ll enjoy your reading.